Are Corn Chips Gluten Free?

What is everyone favorite snack whenever they gather or doing party? The answer would be corn chips since this snack is light and crunchy so everyone loves to eat it especially when dipped inside delicious sauce. But when you have celiac disease you could not just take in any corn chips without really knowing what is inside these chips. You should already know are corn chips gluten free or not before you even try it. Furthermore the corn chips also made in the form of tortilla chips which makes it even more difficult to know more about these chips.

Are Corn Chips Gluten Free? Do Corn Chips have gluten in it or not?

 Are Corn Chips Gluten Free?

Information about Corn Chips

These chips are mainly made from cornmeal which season with salt, seeing this ingredient we could then say that corn chips are gluten free. However you still could not eat every corn chip that you find because there are other threat that may comes inside them. The thread comes from the cross contamination that happened in the making process of corn chips. Some manufacturer of corn chips might also create other chips that may contain gluten inside because they are made from wheat flour. Then they may also use the same machine that they use to create those other chips to create your corn chips which would eventually contaminate it because of the trace of gluten inside the machine.

Brands that Provide Gluten-Free Corn Chips

That is why it is important to know which corn chips are safe to eat and which are not safe. Knowing which brand that could be trusted, to give you to the best corn chips that you could eat is also important because it is completely free from gluten.

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Fritos Corn Chips: This brand creates gluten-free corn chips in different flavor, not only original which season with salt, but you could also find lightly salted version which would be suitable when you also done low sodium diet. They also made the corn chips from many kinds of corn variation such as blue corn and yellow corn. Their product has been tested to gain standard of 20 parts per million of gluten standard, so unless you are very sensitive to gluten, then eating this corn chips brand would be alright.

Xochitl Corn Chips: This brand has unique corn chips which is made from stone ground chips to make it thinner. It is also made using all natural ingredients which make it healthier since they do not use any preservatives inside their ingredient. They even made organic version of their chips which is made from blue corn. Using many kinds of flavor such as Mexican style will make the corn chips taste better because of unique seasoning.

Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips: This is a tortilla variation, this brand provides the best one since they have gluten free label because they have been able to pass test for less than 10 parts per million gluten. This is why for you who are sensitive to gluten, you could still eat the chips from this brand without worry.

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