Are Corn Flakes Gluten Free?

People who suffer from celiac disease need to maintain their gluten free diet in order to avoid gluten which can cause a bad reaction in the body. What is celiac disease? Celiac disease means that your body is sensitive with gluten or cannot bare gluten protein that mostly comes from grains. Three main grains that become the sources of gluten protein are wheat, rye, and barley. If you consume foods or meals that contain those gluten sources then surely your body will have some bad symptoms such as vomit, migraine, headache, anemia, or even diarrhea.

Are Corn Flakes Gluten Free? Do Corn Flakes have gluten in it or not?

Are Corn Flakes Gluten Free?

There is bad news for celiac disease people. Until now, there is no cure for this disease. That is why the only way is to avoid gluten and to have gluten free diet program. For your breakfast until dinner you need to list different menu that match with your gluten free diet. The good news is there is a lot of gluten free recipes which you can follow on the internet.

Corn Flakes for Meals and Gluten Information

Corn Flakes are good for the breakfast meal, but are corn flakes gluten free? Are they safe to be consumed by celiac disease people? We all know that corn flakes are made from corn, and it does not grains that contain gluten like wheat, rye, and barley. Therefore, corn flakes are gluten free. Enjoy your corn flakes in the morning and list it on your diet menu.

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Even though we know that corn flakes are gluten free, unfortunately corn flakes which in the market can contain gluten ingredients. It is caused the manufacturer adding flavors and sweetener that made from gluten. For example, to add sweetener usually the producer uses barley malt and of course barley is one of the main grains that contain gluten besides rye and wheat. Because of this possibility, we can say that only pure corn flakes are gluten free.

If you ever heard about some corn flakes brand namely Kellogg’s Corn Flakes cereal then it has some malt flavoring that contains gluten. So, if you like to eat this brand but suddenly you diagnosed suffering from celiac disease then sadly you need to avoid this delicious cereal. You can consult with your doctor before you consume this food.

Corn Flakes Brands that Gluten Free and Safe to be Consumed by Celiac Disease People

Do not be sad and do not to be worry since there are other corn flakes products from several brands that gluten free. One brand is come from Nature’s Path Foods. This company produces some corn flakes product and surely it is free from gluten. Although, the taste a bit less sweet than regular corn flakes products, but you can enjoy your meal with their product.

Other company that makes corn flakes product such as Attune Foods Inc. They make corn flakes product and name it with Erewhon’s corn flakes. The taste of this product is not sweet at all because it only made from salt and organic corn.

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All of those brands can become your regular corn flakes alternatives. You can be creative and make a sweet recipe with those brands by mix and match it.

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