Are Corn Tortillas Gluten Free?

Corn tortillas are our favorites snack while watching our favorite television series or to shared during gathering. But when you feel allergic to certain foods that contain gluten, you should ask are corn tortillas gluten free? When you see the main ingredient of corn tortillas which makes from corn grain that do not contain any gluten at all, then we could say that pure corn tortillas would be gluten free. However, there are times when this gluten free food will change to food that contain gluten when there are some contaminations on the process.

Are Corn Tortillas Gluten Free? Do Corn Tortillas have gluten in it or not?

Are Corn Tortillas Gluten Free?

Corn Tortillas Contamination Process

There are many ways that corn tortillas could be contaminate on the way. First is the factory or place that they used to process the corn tortillas could be the one that bring contamination. The reason is because they might use the same machine which used to produce other foods that contain gluten. They may also store the corn inside the same warehouse with other ingredient that contains gluten. These are things that could turn your corn tortillas to one that contain gluten.

To be able to avoid these things you need to make sure that the corn tortillas you want to buy have gluten-free label which means that they are free from other gluten material in the making process. Some of the brand which have gluten free label are:

Frito Lay tortilla chips: This brand provides gluten-free corn tortillas and corn chips which come from brand such as yellow corn chips, Frito’s Original Corn Chips, blue corn chips, Frito’s Scoops Corn Chips, and Santitas corn chips. But we suggest that you should be very careful when you have high sensitivity on gluten because some with high sensitivity may be able to feel gluten below 20 parts per million that may available inside their chips.

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Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips: this brand also provides corn tortillas with many kinds of delicious flavor that you should try. They also have gluten-free label on their product. Gluten-free label means that the gluten quantity should be on 10 parts per million which is lower than the gluten free standard so it would be good for you who does not have high sensitivity.

Way Better tortilla chips: this brand also has nutritious corn tortillas in dedicated machinery which specially used to create food that are gluten free. They also have a high standard for their products which only contain low gluten for 10 parts per million.

You should be very careful when purchasing other corn tortillas brand even some products do not say they contain gluten. Because when some product does not say that they are gluten-free, there are some possibilities that something will contaminate it. So, please be more carefully when eating corn tortillas. Choose a product that has gluten-free label!

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