Are Egg Noodles Gluten Free?

When you love Asian food, you surely see that they use many kinds of noodles inside their ingredient, and the taste is amazing. However when you want to eat their noodle you should try to find a type of noodles that is gluten free. Especially when you have celiac disease because you will feel sick and upset your stomach when eat something that contains gluten. One of the most popular types of noodles is egg noodles that often used mainly in Southeast Asian food ingredient. Are egg noodles gluten free or not? You need to know it before you eat it.

Are Egg Noodles Gluten Free? Do Egg Noodles have gluten in it or not?

Are Egg Noodles Gluten Free?

Information about Egg Noodles

Seeing egg noodles gluten free or not you should try to find its ingredient. Usually it is made from flour and egg as the main ingredient, and when you see that this food would contain flour you should suspect it contains gluten. Most of the egg noodles in the market usually use wheat flour as an ingredient. That is why we could say that the egg noodles are not gluten free.

But when you want to find other egg noodles that do not contain any gluten, you should choose egg noodles that do not use wheat flour. For egg noodles, it might be hard to find one that does not contain gluten that is why it would be better when you could make it on your own.

Making Egg Noodles Gluten Free Dough

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For this recipe, you might want to use different kind of flour. You can made egg noodles from cornstarch for a half cup and potato starch for a half cup, then mix it up with four teaspoon of xanthan gum and a quarter teaspoon of salt inside a bowl. Then use another bowl to whisk three eggs and one tablespoon of olive oil. After the eggs have been fluffy add them to the starch bowl and mix it using a wooden spoon.

You will notice that it would become dough and soon enough your wooden spoon would not be able to mix it again. When that happened, take out the dough and put it on a flat surface that has been covered with flour. Kneed for about six minutes or until the dough is not sticky anymore by adding some starch when necessary. Create a square shape using the dough and cut into 4 pieces.

Take one pieces and flatten it to a rectangle shape, put into the roller to make it even thinner. Do the roll a couple of times and add starch each time you flip them. After you find satisfying thickness cut the dough to be thin stripes. Do to the other pieces until you get as much egg noodles that you want. Afterward you could use this egg noodles inside any noodle recipe that you want. Make sure that there is no other gluten ingredient in the noodle recipe you want to create because it would be able to contaminate our egg noodles.

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