Are Egg Rolls Gluten Free?

When you are looking for an appetizer in Chinese restaurant, then you would often find egg rolls served to you. This dish is very delicious which will surely raise your appetite to eat more, but for you who have celiac disease, you could not just order any dish without knowing the ingredient. Because these egg rolls could make you lose appetite instead raising it when you feel sick after you eat them. That is why you should know are egg rolls gluten free or not before you even order it from the menu.

 Are Egg Rolls Gluten Free? Do Egg Rolls have gluten in it or not?

Are Egg Rolls Gluten Free?

Information of Egg Rolls

The egg rolls are actually many kinds of vegetable and meat that wrapped inside eggs in most traditional version. When you read this article, you might be sure that the egg rolls is gluten free. However, what you need to be careful is that the wrapper used as the dish is not only made from eggs because they usually add flour to make it crispy. The flour that used, of course, is not gluten free, which is why we could say that the egg rolls are not gluten free.

Making Your Own Egg Rolls

When the wrapper is the problem, then we could actually try to make egg rolls without any gluten inside the wrapper. What you need to use is the rice paper wrapper are available as a replacement for the wrapper.

First, you will need to have one quarter cup of soy sauce, half tablespoon of dry ground mustard, half tablespoon of ground ginger, and one tablespoon of garlic salt. Besides these ingredients, you also can add three cups of your favorite vegetables such as cabbage, bean sprout, and even carrots. After you add all of the ingredients in a large pan, then you can stir fry until the vegetable is tender and take out from the pan.

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Prepare the meat in skillet and season it with salt and paper. Divide them into smaller pieces then cook it until they completely cooked. Add the vegetable in and mix them together, turn out the heat.

Prepare a plate with water inside so you could dip the rice paper wrapper inside for about 15 seconds before you take out and place it on a dry plate. Take the filling and place it into the upper middle part of the wrapper. Fold the upper area with the filling inside and fold the two sides inside as well. Roll up the wrapper so the filling would be completely covered, and side it aside. Do this step until all the filling is finished but do not put the egg rolls on top of each other because they could stick to each other.

Pour enough frying oil in the pan so you could dip the egg rolls inside the medium heat. Fry until the egg rolls turns into brownish color, make sure that you flipped the side so all side would be fried. Take out from the pan, and fry other egg rolls until you finish. You could eat the egg rolls with sauce and another dip that you like.

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