Are Eggs Gluten Free?

For people who suffer celiac disease they need to avoid gluten foods, since when they consume it they will suffer from serious health problems. Celiac disease people sometimes also called gluten intolerance people or gluten sensitivity people since they cannot eat those foods contain gluten like grains. There is no cure for this problem, and that is why they need to do gluten free diet.

Are Eggs Gluten Free? Do eggs have gluten in it or not?

 Are Eggs Gluten Free?

To choose what kind of food is safe to eat for celiac disease people are not easy. For example, choosing egg as one of the main ingredients to make the dish. Are eggs gluten free? Is it safe to eat egg for celiac people? The answer is yes that eggs from any birds are gluten free. Even though eggs contain high protein but it is not gluten, so you are safe to eat this.

Are Eggs Contain  Gluten?

We all know that most people in USA often eat chicken eggs, and there are some people who very sensitive in gluten report that the eggs from the chicken are contain gluten. Possibility the case occur since the chicken may eat grains that contain gluten, so when they lay eggs, the eggs will also contain the gluten. So if the chicken fed by gluten diet of grains then you need to be careful to buy the chicken eggs.

There also a problem about cross contamination in eggs. This problem happens when the eggs are cooked or when some people sensitive to the eggs themselves. For example, you can be sure that the eggs you purchase from stores are gluten free, but when you cooked them, the eggs might contaminate with gluten from other ingredients or the appliances that you use. For example, maybe you use the same bowl that you already used to make wheat flour dough to stir the eggs. If that happen then surely the eggs will be contaminate. Second example is that when the people allergic or sensitive to the eggs themselves. It is common that people can suffer sensitivity from both eggs and gluten since egg is one of the top eight which can make people allergic in the USA.

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Which Do You Prefer: Private Kitchen or Shared Kitchen?

If you want to make scrambled egg or maybe omelet then it is better if you use private kitchen. You should be careful when you share your kitchen with other people or in other words your house have shared kitchen. If the people whom you shared with cannot be careful when put or use the appliances, then you may get gluten cross contamination. Therefore, you need to tell them about your problem and separate the shelves or location to put your gluten free products, ingredients, and appliances.

Most restaurant uses a shared kitchen, so when you go to the restaurant you have to be careful. You can ask the chef whether they use some appliances that already used to cook gluten foods. Well, maybe is hard to ask about this but it is better for you to try to make sure you eat safety foods.

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