Are Graham Crackers Gluten Free?

Going to a camp or just looking for a sweet snack to chew in, you might want to eat Graham Crackers which would be enough to accompany with warm milk. However, when you are living with gluten-free diet because you have been diagnosed with celiac disease, will you still able to consume it? First you should know whether Graham Crackers gluten free or not. If the Graham Crackers do not contain gluten then it would not make you feel sick and fatigue.

Are Graham Crackers Gluten Free? Do Graham Crackers have gluten in it or not?

Are Graham Crackers Gluten Free?

Information about Graham Crackers

The Graham Crackers is made from Graham flour and wheat flour. When you see the ingredient contains wheat, then you could say that the Graham Crackers are not gluten free. Especially for the new Graham Crackers, which is made mostly of wheat flour that has been whitened and added with a lot of sugar. This modern style is not consider as healthy food anymore since it contains a lot of sugar inside and only a little or even no Graham flour at all.

Finding Graham Crackers that consider gluten free

If you still love Graham Crackers and wants to eat it, you could try to find a version that is gluten free. The gluten-free version doesn’t contain any wheat flour at all. And you should not have to worry because you could actually find a few at store, just look at the ingredient to find out more whether they use wheat or other things that contain gluten. Most importantly is to find one that has gluten free label on it, so you would be sure about Graham Crackers product.

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There are actually a few brands of Graham Crackers that considered gluten free because the manufacturer has tested it.

  1. Kinnikinnick Foods S’moreables Graham Crackers: this manufacturer is famous for their gluten free food selection, and one of them is the snack that you want. Their Graham Crackers is made from starch that is taken from potato, pea, brown rice, tapioca, and sweet rice. Most importantly their Graham Crackers also made in a dedicated facility that only used to make gluten food so there would not be any cross contamination inside their facilities. Moreover, their product has also been tested and contains less than 5 parts per million glutens.
  2. The Grainless Baker Graham Crackers: this manufacturer also stated that their Graham Crackers are gluten free. The product is made from starch that is taken from potato, brown rice, tapioca, rice, and Fava bean. Sadly their Graham Crackers is made in shared facilities that used to make food that contains nuts, soy, and milk. So even though this product only contains less than 5 parts per million glutens, but you still need to be worried since it could contain dairy stain inside it. Some celiac disease people also could not eat any dairy product, so when you are highly sensitive to dairy product it is best to not use this brand.

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