Are Grits Gluten Free?

Grits are one of the most favorite breakfasts in the United States. It is very easy when you want to prepare it, and it is very fulfilling. But some American that has celiac disease should be very careful when choosing their grits. But then are grits gluten free? You should know that grits are made from ground corn or hominy corn. In this basic form, they are gluten free because corn is one of the grains that gluten free. However, that does not mean all grits which you find on the market are gluten free.

Are Grits Gluten Free? Do Grits have gluten in it or not?

Are Grits Gluten Free?

There is a way in which gluten free grits would turn into food that contains gluten. They could occur when the grits are processed through the plan that is used to process other food which contains gluten. By using the same processing plan, cross contamination could occur so the grits would not be pure anymore. Then it is why you need to be very careful when choosing grits you want to eat.

In the modern days, there are also grits which are made from barley. As you know, barley is one of the grains that contain gluten. This is why you should carefully read the ingredient of the grits you want to purchase.

Gluten free grits brands that safe

There are still a few brands that offer safe grits to consume. They all have been tested, so they would only contain gluten as the 20 parts per million standards which should be safe to consume by someone with celiac disease. Some of the gluten-free products in the market such as:

  1. Arrowhead Mills: this brand offers yellow corn grits which suitable as the gluten-free standard so you should not have to worry when consume it.
  2. Bob’s Red Mill: this brand is very well known as the manufacturer of many gluten free foods. That is why you could also find gluten free grits that made from corn. But please be sure to find the right gluten-free product since this manufacturer also produces other gluten food in the same brand.
  3. Medford Farms: this brand packed their gluten free grits inside a tube that makes it looked like a sausage package. You will be able to find this brand in the frozen food section since they made their product to stay fresh.
  4. Palmetto Farms: the best thing from this brand is they produce their grits using a stone mill. This tone mill is used to made grits in their traditional way so they would be able to preserve the natural oils that come out from the corn grains. Their original grits have been said to be on gluten-free standard.
  5. Sam Mills: the brand also offers grits for celiac disease people. However, this brand is based in Romania, so it would be easier for you to find their product online. But some American distributor has also distributed their product on USA market.
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When you chose any grits from any kinds of brand, you should be very careful and search for the gluten free label. However, when you are sensitive even to a small amount of gluten you should test the grits to choose which one is suitable for you.

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