Are Hershey Kisses Gluten Free?

Most celiac disease people often question about whether they foods or snacks gluten free or may contain gluten. Since celiac disease people sensitive to the gluten protein, it should not be weird if they always stay on guard when it comes to foods. We all know that most foods that come from rye, wheat, and barley are gluten free and should be avoided if you have gluten intolerance. The good news is there are companies that still care with celiac disease people and they make foods or snacks or candies that contain no gluten at all or maybe lower gluten protein level. What kind of foods or snacks or maybe candy? Well, one of the examples is Hershey kisses brand.

Are Hershey Kisses Gluten Free? Do Hershey Kisses have gluten in it or not?

Are Hershey Kisses Gluten Free?

Are Hershey kisses gluten free? Of course it is, and that is why we recommend you to include it on your gluten free diet snack or candy list. Hershey Kisses are considered gluten free enough to 20 ppm. These delicious candies or chocolates can be enjoyed by celiac disease people or gluten sensitivity. But, if you have high gluten intolerance level then you better avoid this chocolate brand and find another brand that considered to be gluten free to 10 ppm. Do not be worry because there is a lot of foods, snacks, and chocolates that considered gluten free to 10 ppm for higher gluten sensitivity.

Hershey Kisses are gluten free included the traditional Hershey Kisses wrapped in silver foil which you can only find during Halloween, Christmas, and of course Valentine day. Moreover, Hershey Kisses such as plain chocolate milk that is packaged inside plastic candy canes also considered to be gluten free. This plain chocolate milk only sold during Holiday season. Therefore, you need to grab it as fast as you can.

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More good news for you, Hershey Kisses products such as chocolate with delicious cherry cordial crème and tasty caramel are gluten free to 20 ppm. To know more about this brand you can also check the ingredients on their official website. They will disclose to you whether the chocolate they sell is gluten free or not.

Watch Out for Hershey Kisses Brands that are not Gluten Free

Hershey Kisses brand also offers several products that are not gluten free. For example, you need to avoid buy Hershey Kisses brand such as milk chocolate kisses with almond, AirDelight kisses, candy cane flavored kisses, pumpkin spice kisses, Hugs kisses, and many more. Those products considered to not gluten free, so you should be careful.

It is possible that the gluten free Hershey Kisses mixed with gluten Hershey Kisses. There are several chocolates that have the same wrapper or packages, and you may pick the wrong gluten chocolates. For example, filled Kisses and Hugs Kisses both have the same wrappers, and sometimes people can be wrong to differentiate it. That is why; it is safe to buy only Hershey Kisses with bite-sized such as plain milk chocolate or other gluten free Hershey Kisses which we already mentioned earlier.

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