Are Lentils Gluten Free?

When you eat lentils you should be saying that it is gluten free because it is a type of bean right? No, that is so wrong, lentil is one type of bean, but is lentils gluten free or not could not be seen by simply saying it is bean then it is gluten free. We need to be careful because when it is naturally gluten free, but it could also get contaminated from somewhere else. And that contamination would make the lentils which naturally gluten free becomes not gluten free anymore.

Are Lentils Gluten Free? Do Lentils have gluten in it or not?

Are Lentils Gluten Free?

You should know that the contamination happened to the lentils is happened as fast as when they grow in the farm field. The reason is because lentils are often used in rotation to the grains crops that contain gluten. This means after they plant grains crops which contain gluten and harvest it then they would use the same land to plant lentils. Next they would also harvest lentils with the same tools that they used to harvest grain crops that contain gluten. Then to make it even worse they also store the lentils in the same warehouse with other grain crops that contain gluten. When these kinds of treatments are happening to lentils, then we could say that now it is not gluten free anymore.

How to Avoid Getting Lentils That Contain Gluten

You should know that it is actually very difficult for us to really avoid getting lentils that contain gluten. The reason is because they all usually have the same kind of treatment that we mention above. Fortunately, there are some manufacturers that willing to call out contamination warning on the label of their packaged product, so we could make used of it to be able to avoid getting lentils that contain gluten.

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However, the contamination warning on the label of their packaged product is purely voluntary statement which means that they are not obligate to call out such statement. This is why it would be very hard to know really which lentils that contain gluten or not. This is why you may often find a barley kernel inside the package of lentils you purchase. Which means that the lentils you purchase has been contaminated by the barley.

To be able to avoid completely getting lentils that contain gluten, you have to find lentils that have free gluten label. This means the lentils is processed in a special way so there would be no contamination even when they are planted because they are not planted in rotation with other grain crops that contain gluten. They would also harvest lentils in special tools that only used for a product that does not contain gluten at all. Then they would be stored in the warehouse that separated from other grains until they are packaged using a special machine which does not use to package other items that may contains gluten.

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