Are M&Ms Gluten Free?

Who does not love to eat M&Ms, everyone surely likes to eat lots of it. However when you have a celiac disease, then you should always be very careful with anything you eat. And that also includes the candy you want to eat; this is why we should know M&Ms gluten free or not because you need to avoid it when it does contain gluten that could make you sick. To know more about these candies, we should know more information about the candies itself and the Mars Company that creates the candies.

Are M&Ms Gluten Free? Do M&Ms Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Are M&Ms Gluten Free?

Mars Answer About Gluten Inside M&Ms

This candy is made in the form of a shell which surrounds many kinds of filling that depends on the varieties of each candy. And this is the problem on gluten inside M&Ms comes from, because even if the candy shell is gluten free, but when the filling inside the M&Ms is not gluten free, then it made the whole candy not gluten free anymore. That is why we need to review the entire flavor one by one to know more about it.

Flavor Inside The M&Ms That Does Not Gluten Free

For the plain varieties, the filling would be chocolate milk. For this flavor, they use milk and chocolate ingredient; then we could say that this flavor is gluten free. Next is the peanut butter varieties that of course filled with peanut butter that created by peanut that grated soft into butter form. For this flavor, we could say that it is gluten free since it does not use another flavor that becomes everyone favorite is dark chocolate which made from chocolate and sugar without any milk. For this M&Ms flavor, it is also gluten free since there is no other gluten ingredient inside it.

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Next is the pretzel flavor M&Ms, well we do not need to talk too much about it because you already know that pretzel contains wheat flour thus it contains gluten. That is why we could say that this flavor is not gluten free. The same thing goes for carrot cake that the cake surely contains wheat flour thus it also contains gluten. Then this flavor also not gluten free. When we see a few examples that we have given to you here, we could say that you must know which variety of M&Ms that gluten free or not from the ingredient that used to fill it.

How To Choose Gluten Free M&Ms Flavor?

We could say that most M&Ms flavors are gluten free. However, you still need to check the ingredient that used inside it. Another thing that you need to be careful is that you should watch out if there is a cross contamination for each flavor of M&Ms candies since they might use the same machine to produce M&Ms flavor that is not gluten free on the same machine that produce M&Ms flavor which contains gluten. But you should not have to worry since the Mars Company already said that they will state if there is contamination possibility in the flavor that they produce.

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