Are Marshmallows Gluten Free?

Celiac disease people are sensitive to gluten. If they eat foods which contain gluten, then they will suffer health problems. Therefore, it is good to know which foods that contain gluten and which foods are not. Many people struggle to find snacks or dish that gluten free for their gluten free diet. They need to search and make sure that the food brands they purchase are made from gluten free ingredients.

Are Marshmallows Gluten Free? Do Marshmallows Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Are Marshmallows Gluten Free?

To know which food is gluten free then you can read the ingredients on packages or ask the store just to make sure. For example, if you like to eat marshmallows then are marshmallows gluten free? If it not, then is there any marshmallow brand that free from gluten so you can buy them?

There is marshmallow which contains gluten, and there is also marshmallow which does not contain gluten. It depends on the brand and country you life. In the USA for example, there are two brands of marshmallow that gluten free and they claim they used gluten free ingredients. In another country, if their wheat products are cheaper than corn products usually they made the marshmallow with wheat and wheat is one of the main grains that contain gluten. If the countries prefer to use corn syrup than wheat syrup, you can say it safe for your gluten sensitivity.

Gluten Free Marshmallow Brands  

There are two products which you can eat if you suffer celiac diseases such as Doumak Inc. and Kraft Foods Inc. These two brands popular as a gluten free product. Kraft as we know they make a lot of food and snack products and include Jet-Puffed marshmallows. This marshmallow comes vary in size from jumbo marshmallow which suitable for campfire day to mini marshmallow which you can add to your hot chocolate. You can find and purchase Kraft marshmallow easily at many stores.

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Usually, Kraft will tell you whether their products is gluten free or not from its packages. If you cannot find any gluten free label, then we can tell you for sure that the marshmallow they made is always gluten free plus they do not subject for cross contamination.

Another brand which you can trust is marshmallow from Doumak. Not like Kraft, this company only makes marshmallow products, and all of them are gluten free. They produce Campfire brand marshmallow for your campfire activity and for private brands in a store like CVS and Walmart store.

There is the third marshmallow brand which you can say that it is gluten-free called Marshmallow Peeps. Peeps make their marshmallow with Just Born, and it is gluten free. Before, they only sell it in Easter season, but now they sell it in any seasons with different sizes and colors. Each season will have different themes and shapes of Marshmallow Peeps. You need to still pay attention with the package of Marshmallow Peeps, if the package completed with gluten free label then you can be safe to eat it. Last but not least, you always be creative with your marshmallow by make and mix them as your favorite snacks.

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