Are Peanut M&Ms Gluten Free?

Who does not love candy? Everyone loves candy from kids to adult. But, how if you suffering from celiac disease? It is true that when you suffer from gluten sensitivity, you cannot eat those delicious and sweet candies because they may contain gluten? It is true that celiac disease people need to avoid gluten because if they consume products with gluten protein, then it may cause bad or unhealthy symptoms. Three main grains that become the sources of gluten protein such as wheat, barley, and rye are not safe for celiac disease people and any foods that made or derived from these grains also dangerous for gluten sensitivity people.

Are Peanut M&Ms Gluten Free? Do Peanut M&Ms Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Are Peanut M&Ms Gluten Free?

How about candies like peanut M&Ms? Are peanut M&Ms gluten free? You can be sure that peanut M&Ms is gluten free except for several M&Ms products such as pretzel and other M&Ms candies package that are not gluten free labeled like mint and coconut flavors (this information is for M&Ms products in America only). For the rest M&Ms products are gluten free, and you can enjoy it as your candy party. As for M&Ms products which offered seasonally, you also need to check whether they have gluten ingredients.

Watch out for M&Ms products in other countries which may have different ingredients such as M&Ms in Australia, which contain wheat in several of their products. That is why you need to check the label and the ingredients list before you buy it. You can also call the Mars company that produce M&Ms products to make sure that candy you buy is free from gluten especially if there is an ingredient which you do not recognize or if there is a change in the ingredients of M&Ms candies which you usually buy. They will kindly help you and answer your questions.

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Mars Company Statement Regarding Their Products

Mars Company, which produces M&Ms products, has said that they also produce special products for people who have food allergies. They also stated that they have a program to make sure that the products they made do not cause any bad reaction or allergy for their customer. Moreover, the Mars Company also tells their customer to trust the label on every M&Ms packages. Therefore, to make sure that the M&Ms contains gluten or not, you can check the label. There is label like “may contain wheat” on M&Ms packages and that one should be avoided by celiac disease people or gluten sensitivity.

There is no issue regarding cross contamination for M&Ms products or about how the company process the candies. But, you can ask the company on your own about the possibility of cross contamination. Although there are lots of celiac disease people ask the same question, but as far as we know there is no such issue so that you can enjoy your peanut M&Ms or other M&Ms products.

Besides M&Ms, are there any candies that gluten free? Of course, there is such as Starburst Fruit Chews Candy from Wrigley or Caramel Apple Pops candy from Tootsie Roll. They are gluten free, and you can enjoy their products for your party or special event.

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