Are Potato Chips Gluten Free?

Potato chips are our favorite snack, and we could eat lots of it. However for someone who has to pay attention to anything that you eat just in case they contain gluten, you should also ask about its ingredients. When we see the ingredient, we could say that potato chips are gluten free because it is made from potatoes. However what you should know is that the potato chips might also get cross contamination from other things that contain gluten thus makes them not gluten free anymore.

Are Potato Chips Gluten Free? Do Potato Chips Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Are Potato Chips Gluten Free?

Brands that has gluten free potato chips

To make it easier, we will just give you the list of potato chips that does not contain gluten. That is why you could easily eat it without worry, gluten contamination has been a big issue on manufacturing company, and this is why there are more and more companies which stated they are gluten free.

Frito Lay Potato Chips

This brand has tested their entire product so they could add gluten-free labels to their product which contains less than 20 parts per million glutens. The gluten free version includes Lays, Stax, and Ruffles flavor which has been tested and labeled. However, you still need to be very careful on another flavor especially one that does not have any gluten free label since it means they could get contamination.

Food Should Taste Good Potato Chips

This brand has tested their entire product for gluten free even in the tightest standard of 10 parts per million. This is why it would be safe to eat potato chips from this brand. The potato that they create includes the package in small and full sized bags which would be a great addition to your family gathering.

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POPchips Potato Chips

This brand also tested their entire product. Moreover, the potato chips from their company would be healthier since they are created with popping method which does not need a lot of oil to make it. You could also find many kinds of favorite flavor for this brand which would be nice to eat with your family.

Kettle Potato Chips

This brand tested all of their potato chips so it would be gluten-free. What best from this brand is because they made all of their potato chips in special environment that dedicated only to create food that is gluten free so there would be no cross contamination that could happen in their factory.

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