Are Reeses Pieces Gluten Free?

Halloween is coming up, so we need to have a selection of candies to give away this year. One of the most popular Halloween candy is the Reeses Pieces because this candy has an orange color which matches well with Halloween pumpkin color. But if you are going to give away any candy, you need to make sure that the Reeses Pieces are safe to eat. Especially when there are some kids that have celiac disease, you need to make firstly sure are Reeses Pieces gluten free or not before letting them eat the candies.

Are Reeses Pieces Gluten Free? Do Reeses Pieces Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Are Reeses Pieces Gluten Free?

Information about Reeses Pieces

The Reeses Pieces is made mainly from peanut butter which then filled into candy shells in three different colors that match the company signature colors. When we see this ingredient, we could say that the Reeses Pieces is gluten free since there is no gluten ingredient inside the candies. We could be safe from the ingredient because The Hershey Company has clearly stated that they will include any ingredient that might cause any allergy to a different person in all of their product packaging and that also includes ingredient that may contain gluten. This is why if you want to be one hundred percent sure about it, then you could always check the Reeses Pieces packaging before you purchase them.

However, that might not be enough answer for some of you that might need to confirm whether there is cross contamination inside their Reeses Pieces production. We all know that The Hershey Company does not only produce gluten free food, then the possibility of cross contamination for the Reeses Pieces is still there. But The Hershey Company has included the Reeses Pieces in their gluten free product so we could be sure that they would not do something stupid with their list. What need to be a concern is the fact that The Hershey Company has not included any gluten-free label on their packaging, which means that their Reeses Pieces has not been tested whether they really do not contain gluten.

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If The Hershey Company has bravely stated that Reeses Pieces is gluten free, then we suspected that they might consider it gluten free because they only contain 20 parts per million of gluten standard. That also mean the Reeses Pieces would be safe only for most people with celiac disease that are not too sensitive to gluten. But for you who are mostly sensitive to gluten, then this standard need to be studied furthermore. Usually for you who are mostly sensitive to gluten, we suggested that you should get at least 10 parts per million of gluten standard so you would not feel anything after eating your candies.

But when that is still not enough, and you still feel sick after you eat with that standard, it means that you are highly sensitive to gluten. For this kind of person, then the standard should be as high as 5 parts per million to be considered safe for you to eat. However, finds candies with this standard might rather difficult.

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