Are Rice Noodles Gluten Free?

Living in gluten-free diet for someone that has celiac disease might not be an easy thing to do. Since you will have to check and even double check on everything that you want to eat beforehand. However it is a mandatory thing so you could not do anything about it, what you could do is to add more information about the kind of food that you could eat. For example, you should know rice noodles gluten free or not because you might someday find this kind of ingredient used especially in an Asian restaurant.

Are Rice Noodles Gluten Free? Do Rice Noodles Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Are Rice Noodles Gluten Free?

Information about rice noodles

Rice noodle is a form of noodle that uses rice as the main ingredient; the rice is made into flour before the process to create the noodle. When we see this main ingredient, then we could make sure that it is surely gluten free. However, there are also some rice noodles that made from rice flour and starch. As someone who sensitive to gluten, you surely become worried whenever you hear about starch because there is a possibility that they would use wheat starch on it. But you should not have to worry because they usually only use corn starch that is safe from any gluten or tapioca starch which also gluten free. This is why we could say that pure rice noodles are gluten free.

Possibility of gluten inside rice noodles

Even when the pure rice noodles are gluten free, but it does not mean you should not become cautious about it. One thing that you should pay attention to is when you purchase any food that made from rice noodles in a restaurant. If you purchase it inside a restaurant that does not specialize themselves in providing gluten free food, then you could become worried if there would be a contamination that might happened to your rice noodles. They might even use the same pan to cook the rice noodles but before it has been used to cook pasta which is not gluten free. When that thing happens then the rice noodles would be contaminated. Thus it is not gluten free anymore.

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Avoiding gluten cross contamination inside rice noodles

To be able to avoid cross contamination, then it would be better for you to cook your own rice noodles inside your kitchen. However, you should also be very careful to not repeating the same mistake that has happened inside the restaurant. Moreover, you should also store the rice noodles in special containers that keep away from any gluten ingredient so they would not be mixed. Regarding to this, you should also become wary about the storing process of rice noodles in the supermarket that you purchase it. Although rice noodles have many kinds of form that stored frozen, fresh, or even dry, but it would be better when you use dry version. The reason is because it might be safer from any contamination during the storing process of the rice noodles inside the supermarket, while the other form might be subject to cross-contamination.

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