Are Rolled Oats Gluten Free?

When you have celiac disease, you surely need to be very careful in anything you eat the whole day even for breakfast when your day is starting. Some of us might love to use rolled oats for our breakfast, especially because it could be made into many kinds of food material and not only used as cereal. But then are rolled oats gluten-free or not should also be questioned since it is the main thing for you who could not tolerate gluten even in its smaller amount.

Information about the Rolled Oats

Some of you might not hear what is rolled oats even though you frequently find this ingredient inside many kinds of oats that you eat. Oat that has been harvested are then processed so they could take the groats and then the groats would also be processed further until they could be separated and processed to be rolled oats.

To make the rolled oats, they will use groats that process inside rolling pins which will make the groats becomes flat and thin as you could see inside your everyday oats ingredient. This is where the name rolled comes from for the oats that have been rolled inside the rolling pins. The rolled oats would then be used as the main ingredient of many kinds of food that contains oat including cereal and oatmeal.

Are Rolled Oats Gluten Free? Do Rolled Oats Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Are Rolled Oats Gluten Free?

Because the rolled oats are already near the end of the product, then you need to look way back from the beginning of when the oats itself is planted before being a process. When you know that oat is a type of grain, but it does not contain any gluten, then you should guess that the rolled oats are gluten-free. When you could find pure oats that being made into rolled oats is still in its purest condition, and then we could say that it is gluten-free.

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However, the oats are not pure even when they are planted because most of the time it would be planted side by side from the barley and the wheat which you already know that they contain gluten. This is not the only possibility of cross-contamination for rolled oats because then the oats that have been harvest is processed further using the same miller as they used to process grains plant that contains gluten.

To make it even worse they might store all of those grains inside the same warehouse before they would process it using the same machine. For rolled oats, they might also use the same rolling pin that they have used to process other groats that contain gluten and it to be flattened. When we see the whole process of planting and making, then we could say that rolled oats are not gluten free because it is subject of cross-contamination from many kinds of things throughout the process. That is why unless you could find rolled oats that have gluten-free label on its package then you should avoid it.

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