Are Skittles Gluten Free?

Candies have always been our guilty pleasure, but that does not mean we should not be careful in selecting the candies that we want to eat. That especially applies to you who have celiac disease because then you would need to choose candies that are gluten free so you would not feel sick and even guiltier after you eat it. Some of you might love to eat Skittles because of its fruity sweet flavor. But are Skittles gluten free or not so you could eat it without worrying if there is any problem that might be available inside it.

Information about Skittles from the manufacturer

As you know the Skittles is mainly made from sugar that combine with fruit juice and other flavor, when we see this we could say that it is gluten-free. However, we also know that Wrigley the company that made Skittles also made many other confectioneries that might not be gluten-free. Seeing this we should be very cautious whether there are some cross-contamination in the Skittles because they made it by using the same machine that has been used to make other candies that contain gluten.

Are Skittles Gluten Free? Do Skittles Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Are Skittles Gluten Free?

Moreover there is also a statement from Wrigley that saying most of their product would be gluten-free; however, there is still a small part of their product which may contain gluten. Sadly they have failed to mention which product that truly gluten-free and which one is not gluten-free. This is why we have to contact Wrigley directly to ask about this problem, however what we receive as the answer is quite a happy thing because they have stated that all of their product which made in their United States facility would be gluten-free since October of 2013. The only product from them that is not gluten-free is just Altoids Smalls Peppermint Mints because this candy uses maltodextrin that derived from wheat.

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Finding the best Skittles that is truly gluten-free

After we see the statement from Wrigley, we could be relieved that Skittles is completely gluten-free. However, that does not mean you could just grab it from the rack without looking it the second time. Even when the Skittles is gluten-free, however, that only applies to a product that made in the United States, meaning the Skittles which made in another country would not be purely gluten-free. That is why when we want to purchase it we need to see the packaging to make sure that the product is really gluten free because it is made in the united state.

But then when you accidentally find Skittles that is made from outside the United States, then it means you should always be very careful in trying to search if the product has a gluten-free label on the packaging. But if the packaging does not have any gluten-free label, then it would be better when you do not purchase it at all. There are a lot of Skittles source so you could try to purchase it in a different store that might sell product from the United States.

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