Are Steel Cut Oats Gluten Free?

When you want to purchase any food you surely need to check what is available inside the ingredient of the product. That is important especially when you have celiac disease so you would know if there is any ingredient in the product that might be harmful to you so you could avoid eating them accidentally. The main thing that many people love to ask when they find some ingredient that they would not know for sure, whether it contains gluten or not.To know more about this we need to take a looked deeper.

Are Steel Cut Oats Gluten Free? Do Steel Cut Oats Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Are Steel Cut Oats Gluten Free?

Information about Steel Cut Oats

Some of you might not know what steel cut oats really is because it might not be common thing for you to find. You should know that after the oats have been harvested you would get the groats from it. Some of the groats would also break during the process of the oats to be more nutritious. Those break groats are then separated based on its sized before being process further using the shaker and some screen. From there they would be able to get the whole groats and more smaller groats sizes.

Those groats then processed based on their sizes, however sometimes there are not enough broken groats that are available to be processed further. When that thing happened, then they would take the whole groats and put it on cutting machine that used steel blades to cut the whole groats into smaller sizes that suitable with the size that they want it to be. This is where the name steel cut oats comes from because it actually cuts under the steel blades before being process further.

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To know more about this we need to see the oats from the beginning of the planting process. We all know that the oats itself do not contain gluten because it is not the type of plant that produces gluten inside its grain. However what makes us concern is the fact that the oats are processed the same way as another plant that produces gluten inside the grain. This means oats would be grown in the same field side by side with other grains such as wheat or barley. Then they would also be processed using the same mill that they also use to process the wheat or barley.

After the process, they might also store the oats in the same warehouse before being process further. When they are ready to be processed according to the procedure that we have told before, they might also use the same tools and machines to process wheat and barley. With this many possibilities of getting cross-contamination, and then we could clearly say that steel cut oats are not gluten-free. However when you still want to eat steel cut oats, then you should try to search for steel cut oats that have a gluten-free label. That way we could be sure that the process is done with caution.

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