Are Sweet Potatoes Gluten Free?

Struggle to find the best meals which gluten-free is always facing by celiac disease people. They need to keep their body stay away from food which contains gluten because of the healthy issue. Celiac disease means your body is not immune to protein from grains such as wheat, rye, and barley. If people who suffer from this disease insist on eating gluten foods their body will react in unhealthy symptoms. Meals or ingredients like sweet potatoes, for example, need some gluten check before you eat it.

Are sweet potatoes gluten free? The sweet potato which you always consume as your delicious meal is gluten-free, but only pure sweet potatoes are safe to be eaten by celiac disease people. If you go out to some fast food restaurant and then order its sweet potato fries, you better be careful since it may become the subject of cross contamination.

More Information about Sweet Potatoes

We can say for sure that sweet potato is free from gluten and even some expert suggests celiac disease people to choose potato starch and potato flour as wheat flour and starch alternative. Wheat is one of the main sources of gluten; the rests are barley and rye. That is why flour made from these grains will contain gluten, and so does any ingredients derived from the grains. Moreover, regular potato and yams also gluten-free and safe to be consumed by celiac disease people.

Are Sweet Potatoes Gluten Free? Do Sweet Potatoes Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Are Sweet Potatoes Gluten Free?

Regular potatoes and sweet potatoes contain nutrients which useful for your body. They contain mineral and vitamins which become nutrition for celiac disease people. Moreover, potato has high fiber which is good for digestive system. If you do some gluten-free diet, then eat boiled regular potato or sweet potato as your meal is good and you will not feel starving so quickly because of its carbohydrate. Not only for a gluten-free diet, but regular diet also suggested consuming potatoes because of its dietary fiber.

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Gluten & Cross Contamination of Sweet Potatoes

Actually what we will mention about gluten cross-contamination is not only happen in sweet potatoes but also for regular potatoes. They may become the subject when you order some potato fries in a restaurant. Usually, the chef in fast food restaurant will use the same oil which already been used to cook other gluten foods for the potatoes fries. This is why you need to be careful when eating outside.

You also need to be careful when preparing your sweet potatoes at home. Make sure that you use clean appliances free from gluten. Do not forget to store the potatoes far away from any gluten products, foods, and ingredients.

Pure potatoes do not have gluten problems but not for potatoes with extra ingredients. Sometimes you will see that potatoes breaded with gluten flour, and there also potatoes skins which seasoned with extra gluten ingredients such as sauce and gravy. To make sure that your potato is free from gluten, you can purchase potato snacks with gluten-free labeled. There are many potato snacks in market labeled in gluten-free which you can find.

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