Are Tootsie Rolls Gluten Free?

Everyone surely needs to eat candies every once in a while; even when you are doing a tight diet, you might try to cheat on it with a wrap of Tootsie Rolls before you go back to your hard diet. But when the weight gain is not the only problem, then we should be more cautious before eating our Tootsie Rolls. Especially when the problem involving gluten inside the candies that you want to eat, this will surely make everyone question are Tootsie Rolls gluten free or not because they want to be safe when eating it.

Are Tootsie Rolls Gluten Free?

Information about Tootsie Rolls

Every time you want to know if food is free from gluten or not, then you surely need to know the ingredient. This candy is mainly formed from sugar, cocoa, corn syrup, soybean oil, and flavoring agent. When we see the ingredient more completely from the package, then we could say that it does not have any ingredient that might have gluten inside. Thus we could say that it is gluten-free. Moreover, the company representative has also made a statement that all of their confectioneries is indeed gluten-free. That would also include all flavor Tootsie Rolls which is mixed with fruity flavor which surely make them taste better. The only product from them that is not gluten-free is just Andes Cookies because this candy uses Cookies inside the ingredient which made from wheat so it would not be gluten-free.

Are Tootsie Rolls Gluten Free? Do Tootsie Rolls Have Gluten In It Or Not?

After we see the statement from Tootsie Rolls Company, we could be relieved to hear it because it means that we could eat their entire product except for their flavored cookie product. Moreover when they made their entire product to be gluten-free, then we would not have to be worried about the possibilities of cross contamination on their factory. Even when they use the same machine to make other flavor or even other confectioneries, but they are all gluten-free, so they would not leave any trace of gluten on the machine.

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However, we still need to check the packaging of Tootsie Rolls when it is time for special holiday. Usually on the special holiday such as Christmas and Valentine people would purchase more confectioneries than before. It means that the company needs to make more confectioneries than what they usually made in regular season. When that thing happens, there might be one time that they have to use the machine that they use to make Andes Cookies to make Tootsie Rolls. When that thing happened, then the Tootsie Rolls is not gluten free anymore because it has been contaminated from the gluten trace inside the machine they use. This is why when there is a special holiday where the confectioneries are sold in large number, then on this season, we should pay more attention to the package to search whether they have called out if the special Tootsie Rolls product they made during the holiday season may contain gluten that comes from cross-contamination.

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