Are Tortilla Chips Gluten Free?

If you have celiac disease, then you should be careful when you eat a snack in your free time because some of them might contain gluten which would be very dangerous for you because it could make your symptom appear when you eat it. Some of the most popular snacks are tortilla chips which are very delicious to eats on its own, or when you eat it with other toppings such as cheese, cream, and guacamole. However you should be wondering are tortilla chips gluten-free, because you should not eat any tortilla chips that contain gluten.

Are Tortilla Chips Gluten Free? Do Tortilla Chips Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Are Tortilla Chips Gluten Free?

Information about Tortilla Chips

Usually, tortilla chips are made from an ingredient that does not contain gluten such as Masa Harina, that is a type of flour which made from corn that being dried after it has been soaked inside a lime water solution. That is why this kind of flour would be easier for you to digest than the original flour. Moreover, the lime water will also be able to improve the contained nutrient inside the corn such as Vitamin B3 that would be very useful for your body. However when the corn is not soaked, then this vitamin could not be absorbed by the body well.

The Truth about Gluten and Tortilla Chips

When you see the ingredient is made from corn, that you could easily say that tortilla chips are gluten-free. However, you would still need to be very careful since there are ways where the tortilla chips could be contaminated by gluten especially one that made commercially on the factory. But homemade tortilla chips would also have the same risk when you do not make it yourself.

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Since corn is a type of grains, then this corn usually has the same treatment with another type of grain. It means the corn can be stored and processed in the same mill. This is where the problem comes from because there would be a change when the corn is stored in the same storage as wheat grain that contains gluten. There would also a change where the corn is mill with the same miller that have been used to mill wheat grain, which should be able to contaminate the corn since the grain could attach to the corn. This is why when you want to make your own tortilla chips then you need to make sure that the flour you use is not contaminated with gluten through those methods.

But that is just one of the problem that you get through the miller, however even when the miller is clean from any gluten contamination, that does not mean the tortilla chips would be gluten-free. For tortilla chips that made commercially on the factory, there would still be a contamination possibility that might happen on the factory where the tortilla chips are produced. The factory might not use dedicated plan so they might use the same machine that used to process another snack that contains gluten, then the tortilla chips made on the same machine would also be contaminated by gluten.

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