Is Almond Milk Gluten Free?

Perhaps you want to know that your foods or drinks which you eat are gluten free or not especially if you suffer from celiac disease. We all know that celiac disease people are very sensitive to gluten and since there are no cures for this disease they need to maintain a gluten-free diet. The main point of the gluten-free diet is to avoid any foods or drinks that contain grains such as barley, wheat, and rye. Those three grains are the major sources of gluten protein.

Those people who commit gluten-free diets often find themselves struggling to list any foods which contain no gluten. For example, like soy milk alternative for the gluten-free cereal, they maybe add almond milk. Is almond milk gluten free? Of course, it is because you can have it on your gluten-free cereal.

Is Almond Milk Gluten Free? Does Almond Milk Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Almond Milk Gluten Free?

Almond or any other nut types are gluten-free since they do not come from three main grains which we already mentioned above. Therefore, you can enjoy your meal with almond or nuts or any foods that derived from them.

In the USA almond milk is very popular in the market, and there are lots of brands offered. As we mentioned earlier that almond milk is gluten-free, but you need to watch out some almond milk that contains extra ingredients like almond milk flavor or additive ingredient. Those additives possible derived from the grains. That is why; before you buy the almond milk always read and checks the labels. Make sure that the nutrition and the ingredients are gluten-free.

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Almond Milk Gluten Free Brands

In the market, most of the almond milk gluten free brands considered being gluten-free only below 20 ppm. Therefore, for those who have high gluten sensitivity should drink almond milk which tested with 10 ppm or better you need to avoid almond milk even with the slightest gluten in it.

There are several almond milk gluten free brands available in the market that you can purchase such as:

  1. Almond Dream product: this product market by Hain Celestial which also produces Rice Dream. You can say that you are safe to use this product for gluten-free diet since it already considered gluten-free below 20 ppm. Moreover, they also do not manufacture or processed the almond milk with barley enzyme. You can enjoy many different flavors such as vanilla flavor, original flavor, unsweetened vanilla and unsweetened original flavor.
  2. Almond Breeze product: this product made by Blue Diamond and considered gluten-free. Although they are not tested the product whether it is gluten free below 20 ppm or not. They packaged in refrigerated milk and a rectangular Moreover, you can choose several flavors such as chocolate flavor, original flavor, vanilla flavor, and unsweetened flavor.
  3. Silk Product: this product made by Whitewave Foods and considered gluten-free below 20 ppm. Moreover, the company does not use shared the facility with gluten ingredients to make this product. They also do not make any products that contain gluten. You can consume it safely.

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