Is Angel Food Cake Gluten Free?

Everyone loves to eat cake, especially cake that has a beautiful name such as angel food cake, the cake also very delicious when combine with whipped cream or fruit syrup. This kind of cake has a white appearance which makes it looked like an angel, however when you have celiac disease you should know is angel food cake gluten-free or not. Because this cake could be your devil if it actually contains gluten, that could make you sick. Since this cake is so popular it actually very simple to get more information on the cake itself.

Is Angel Food Cake Gluten Free? Does Angel Food Cake Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Angel Food Cake Gluten Free?

Information about Angel Food Cake

As other cake, this angel food cake is made from cake flour that has a lower level of protein. However, since the flour contains protein, in this case, it means gluten, and then we could say that Angel Food Cake is not gluten-free. But since the cake only has a low level of protein, this means that the cake does not need too much gluten inside the cake. That is why you could try to replace the flour on the cake with other flour that is gluten-free.

Making the gluten-free recipe for angel food cake

Prepare the oven beforehand with 350o Fahrenheit heat and place the rack on the under part of the oven. You need to grind one-quarter teaspoon of salt, and one and three-quarter cups of sugar using a food processor so it would become powder form then take out the half of the mixture. Put in one cup of brown rice flour or other gluten-free flour that you like, and then mix it again until the flour and mixture blend together.

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Prepare your mixer bowl and mix twelve egg whites, one teaspoon cream of tartar, one teaspoon of flavoring extract that you like, you could use almond, orange, vanilla, or lemon. Mix until the egg would be a little bit foamy before you add half of the sugar that you have taken out from the mixture in the first step, mix them again until they become soft peak.

Divide the sugar-flour mixture from the food processor into four of one quarter sugar flour mixtures and put inside the egg mixture. Use a rubber spatula to mix the egg and flour together until you could not see any more flour. Do this three times for the rest of the mixture so the two mixtures of flour and eggs would blend completely.

Use tube pan that is not greased with ten inches deep and pour the final mixture inside, use the rubber spatula to smoothen the surface. Then put the pan in the oven for about 40 minutes, take out and let it cool down for around two hours long. After it cools down, you could serve the gluten free angel food cake with any topping that you want. When making your own angel food cake is very easy, then why you need to purchase it? Making it will lower the risk of gluten available from cross contamination so it would be safe to eat.

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