Is Baking Soda Gluten Free?

Nearing the holiday means that you will do a lot of baking in your kitchen. However, for you who suffers from celiac must make sure that your kitchen is gluten free so there is no food that contains gluten could insert your bake. Among many things used in the baking process you need to make sure is baking soda gluten free or not because you will use it a lot of time for many kinds of bake you did inside your kitchen.

Is Baking Soda Gluten Free? Does Baking Soda Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Baking Soda Gluten Free?

Baking soda is a compound of a chemical ingredient which derived from many kinds of natural resources to create the Sodium Bicarbonate. When we see that this compound is not made from any kinds of plant or grain, then we could say that baking soda is gluten-free. However even though it is gluten-free, you should be very careful because there would be a possibility for cross contamination.

What makes baking soda not gluten-free?

There are many kinds of ways which could make the baking soda not gluten-free. It all started at the store in which you purchase the baking soda. You know that the baking soda is one leavening agent used for the baking purpose, that is why when you go to the supermarket to purchase it, and you will be able to find it side by side with Baking Soda and other leavening ingredient. You should know that although most Baking Soda is gluten-free, however, we could still find some Baking Soda which contains wheat starch that is not gluten-free. That is why when the baking soda which placed beside the Baking Soda which contains wheat starch, the starch would be able to transfer to the baking soda thus making it not gluten-free anymore.

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That is why when you go shop for your baking soda you should see where they put the stuff, if they put it beside other stuff then you should check whether the stuff beside your baking soda is also gluten-free to avoid contamination.

If your kitchen is not gluten-free kitchen, meaning there are still some ingredients such as wheat flour inside your kitchen, then there might be a possibility if the baking soda would be contaminated by it. Especially when someone has just used the baking soda to bake something along with the flour, there would be a possibility that during the preparation process the baking soda would only be put someone with the lid still open.

This is why we suggested that if you have celiac disease, then you should always make your kitchen free from any gluten ingredient that could contaminate your non gluten ingredient. But if you could not do that, then you need to separate all things that you use for your gluten-free cook and do not use it along with other cook that contains gluten to avoid contamination.

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