Is Barley Gluten Free?

For you who are on gluten-free diets, you surely ask is barley gluten free? Barley is a grain plant that considers as cereal grain; most people will consume the grain and named it as the barley itself. But you should know that barley grain is actually one of the sources of gluten that you should avoid when you want to be free from gluten. That is why we could say that barley is not gluten-free.

Is Barley Gluten Free? Does Barley Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Barley Gluten Free?

Because of the protein inside the grain then most people will consume the grains that contain hordein; which is the protein that you should avoid when you have celiac disease. That is why we could say that most food that consists of barley as their ingredient is not gluten-free. You could also find some flour that made from barley grain so you should be careful. There are also pearls made from barley which used in soup.

You will also have to avoid from drinking beer since most beer is made from barley.  Another form of barley in food could be found as malt which is made from the barley grain that is germinated then dried to get the malt. We could find it at many kinds of food such as malt milk, malt candy, and many others. Another use of barley is as sweetener especially one that comes from factory processed food such as cereal or corn flakes, candy bars, crispy rice, and many others.

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The Use Of Gluten Free Label On Food That Contains Barley

However when you consume the grass that has not mature yet so it would not have the grain, then it could be considered as gluten-free food, but this fact is still debated over the years. This is why the expert will suggest that you consume the food which contains barley with caution. There is also some food that contain this barley grass but still labeled as gluten-free food, so when you still not sure about it, then you should be very careful.

Our food labeling law is also not making it easy since they do not require the factory to disclosed barley as their food ingredient. This would be especially harder when the food only contains the derivative substance of barley such as malt. That is why they would not write barley as a part of their ingredient and would only write naturally flavored as their disclosed ingredient. Although there are also some manufacturers that care enough to write barley malt as their natural flavorings ingredient.

On the gluten-free label, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said that the food which contains only the barley grass would be still able to use the gluten-free label on their product. But they would need to test the product to make sure that the finished goods will only contain gluten for less than 20 parts per million of gluten. With so many labeling options on barley product, it is your own caution that should search and read the label as carefully as possible.

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