Is Brown Rice Gluten Free?

Those who have celiac disease need to avoid gluten foods because it can cause many health problems. What is celiac disease? Celiac disease is a health problem which causes people who suffer from it will be sensitive to gluten. If gluten sensitive people eat foods which contain gluten, then they will get symptoms such as anemia, vomit, diarrhea, and fatigue. Even there is some research that women who suffer from celiac disease will get symptoms of infertility and menstrual disorder.

Is Brown Rice Gluten Free? Does Brown Rice Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Brown Rice Gluten Free?

There is no cure for this disease; the only way to avoid it is to do gluten-free diet which means you cannot eat foods containing gluten. Pick foods that gluten-free is not easy. Gluten can often be found in wheat, rye, Brown Rice, and other grains. If you like to eat grain such as rice, then you should be wise to choose the one without gluten in it. There are five different types of rice, and one of them is brown rice. Is brown rice gluten-free? We can sure that brown rice is gluten-free, but it can be contaminated in various ways.

You Should Avoid the Contamination in the Kitchen

Even though brown rice is gluten-free but if you do not be careful, you can accidentally contaminate it with gluten foods. For example, when something in the kitchen like appliances touch gluten foods then you use it to cook brown rice then there is a possibility the rice will be cross-contaminated by it. If you try to make wheat flour dough using a bowl, then you use the same bowl as a place to put the brown rice, of course, the rice will be contaminated with gluten. Moreover, if you use a spoon to stir brown rice and the spoon is usually used to scoop crouton, then the brown rice will be contaminated. Therefore, you need to separate the appliances you use to cook brown rice with the appliances you use to cook another dish.

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Unfortunately, commercial kitchens like the one in the restaurant are possible to get cross contamination as we mentioned above. That is why, before you order some restaurant foods you need to ask and tell the chef about your condition.

Avoid Brown Rice Contamination at Stores

Besides contamination in the kitchen, brown rice can also be contaminated in the store when you purchase it. For example, you need to avoid to purchase brown rice which stored in a bulk bin because you do not know how the stores handle the rice and it is possible that the rice contaminated with gluten. Moreover, you also need to be careful when the brown rice packages shelved below or above wheat flour since the rice will be contaminated with the gluten.

Not only at the stores, but you also need to store the brown rice in a different place with other gluten foods. Never try to put the rice side by side with gluten foods because gluten can sneak into the rice packages or even into the rice directly. We do not know for sure but playing safe is better.

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