Is Buckwheat Gluten Free?

For people who suffer from celiac disease, they need to avoid foods that contain gluten. What is gluten? Gluten is a protein which can be found in grains or wheat. If people who suffer from Celiac disease eat foods that contain this protein, then they will have some healthy problem symptoms such as fatigue, diarrhea, and anemia. To prevent these healthy problems, they need to do gluten-free diet by choose foods that do not contain gluten. The problem is to find food which gluten-free is quite difficult especially for countries that the main food is rice and wheat.

Is Buckwheat Gluten Free? Does Buckwheat Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Buckwheat Gluten Free?

Is buckwheat gluten free? Buckwheat or other people know as Kasha is not wheat. Despite its name contains “wheat”, it actually a fruit from a plan called Fagopyrum Esculentum. So the answer is yes. Although buckwheat is not wheat or grain but sometimes people referred it as a pseudocereal. Before buckwheat can be cooked into food, it should be dehulled for the first, and the groats which obtained from remaining seeds can be processed into flour. This roasted groats called Kasha.

For celiac disease people, you can add this buckwheat or kasha into your gluten-free diet menu. Buckwheat contains vitamin B and protein which very good not only for a gluten-free diet but also for fiber diet. Moreover, buckwheat can lower your cholesterol level and high blood pressure. People who have diabetes type II can enjoy this food since it helps to relieve the pain from diabetes symptoms.

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Process Your Buckwheat Into Delicious Food

There are some different characteristic between raw buckwheat groats and Kasha. You can tell the characteristic from its color and aroma. First, raw buckwheat groats do not have aroma at all while Kasha has a strong aroma. Second, raw buckwheat groats have green or light brown colors while Kasha has a darker color like the reddish brown color.

To make buckwheat foods you can use buckwheat flour for your pancake, cake, cookies, crackers, and other gluten-free diet menus. You can cook chocolate cookies with buckwheat flour. If you want to process your buckwheat into chocolate cookies, then you can grind it with almond to make “flour.”

You need to be creative when processes your buckwheat foods since buckwheat can become a good binding agent plus become very gelatinous when you soak it. For example, you can make delicious buckwheat chips by soak it, rinse it, and then dry it. The chips taste must be very crunchy as your side dish.

So after you read our information, we hope that you can add buckwheat in your gluten-free menu along with Buckwheat, cornstarch, cornmeal, arrowroot, and millet. They are proving that when you suffer from Celiac disease, it does not mean you can only eat the same old and boring wheat alternative for your main dish or side dish. In fact, be more creative and create your own recipes for gluten-free diet menus and somehow you can become the inspiration for other Celiac disease people when they need to deal with the foods for gluten-free diet.

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