Is Butter Gluten Free?

There is a frequent question that celiac disease people often asked: is butter gluten free? Lots of foods served with butter and gluten intolerance people afraid that this butter contains gluten which can cause health problems. One thing for sure that, gluten needed to be avoided by those who suffer celiac disease, but you should not need to worry to eat foods which contain pure butter since it is gluten-free. Therefore, we recommend you to enjoy your butter in your gluten-free diet program.

Is Butter Gluten Free? Does Butter Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Butter Gluten Free?

Is All Butter Gluten Free And Safe To Eat?

We did mention that butter is gluten-free, but you still need to be careful since not all butter is free from gluten. Even though butter and its friend like margarine do not make from a grain as gluten source, you should be aware that only pure butter is gluten-free. Butter with extra ingredients sometimes can contain gluten and do not forget that the butter processing also possible to be the subject of cross contamination. We recommend that you need to try plain butter. Plain butter is pure butter and does not have extra ingredients added to it. Moreover, there are also some organic butter brands which claim that their products are safe for celiac disease people.

Various Flavors of Butter

You can enjoy your plain butter without worry since plain butter is made from milk and milk is gluten-free for sure. What about butter with extra ingredients or additives? Some companies who produce butter usually add extra additive or ingredients to make the butter taste better with some flavors. Since butter with flavors and extra ingredients become a trend these days, they make it more and more, and that includes plain butter. Therefore, celiac disease people need to be more careful. Anyway, the best way is to enjoy plain butter since it is safe for you to eat if you suffer from celiac. You can eat your plain butter with your other gluten-free foods.

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To make the butter long lasting and have a delicious taste, some company produces the butter with stabilizing agents. These stabilizing agents have a possibility that it can contain gluten and we do not make sure about how much gluten they added to the plain butter since they do not specify the amount. You need to read the labels on each butter packages before you purchase it. If the labels said that it contains stabilizing agents and extra flavors, then it is better for you to avoid purchasing it.

There are several brands of butter which gluten-free such as Smart Balance, Organic Valley, Land of Lakes, and Earth Balance. You can enjoy butter from all these brands. But you need to read and check the labels on each package because that’s what celiac disease people always do to keep their health from gluten.

Last but not least, if you suffer not only from celiac disease but also lactose disease then you need to avoid butter as well even though it is plain. There is a study that mentions if butter contains small lactose which is not good for lactose intolerance people.

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