Is Cheese Gluten Free?

There is some question that celiac disease people often ask such as whether the foods they eat contain gluten. Since celiac disease, people are very sensitive to gluten they need to do gluten-free diet which means you cannot consume dish with gluten. Unfortunately, they also struggle to find foods without gluten.

Is cheese gluten-free? Cheese is delicious and useful as a side dish which often can be found in your favorite foods. Good news that cheese which you purchase at the store is gluten-free. But there are still some exceptions which you need to pay attention when you do the gluten-free diet.

Is Cheese Gluten Free? Does Cheese Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Cheese Gluten Free?

Be Careful With the Cheese You Purchase

Cheese is made from bacteria, milk, and rennet. Rennet is the enzyme useful to curdle the milk into cheese while bacteria useful as fermentation. Plain cheese usually made from few ingredients and these ingredients are possible to contain undetectable gluten. Cheese which you buy at the store sometimes contains preservatives and extra ingredients to make the cheeses have a new and strong flavor of salt and spices. Therefore, if the cheese added with extra ingredients then it possible the risk of gluten cross-contamination will increased.

If you ever heard about beer washed cheese when recently it becomes a trend in several companies. Beer is not gluten-free since it made from rye. Since the beer washed cheese is very popular, more and more company produces it. If they made plain cheese and packaged or produced it with the same appliances of beer washed cheese, then it will contaminate with gluten. Therefore, it is better to avoid purchase cheese which produced by a company that also makes beer washed cheese.

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Next Question: Is Blue Cheese Gluten Free?

There is next question in mind about whether the blue cheese is gluten-free? Many celiac disease people doubt it since the specific bacteria to ferment the blue cheese or Roquefort grow on rye. Rye is one of the three main grains that contain gluten. Of course, if the blue cheese made from bacteria which grow on rye grain, then it is not gluten-free.

Since the concern of celiac disease people, few companies used bacteria which grow on rye grain. Even though you purchase blue cheese made from this specific bacteria, if you do not have an extreme sensitivity to gluten then it is okay to eat the cheese. Moreover, if you cannot find any blue cheese that free from gluten, then there is other solution or alternative to replace the blue cheese with goat cheese.

Cross Contamination of Cheese

Cheese has a risk to get cross contamination from the way they handled. For example, if you purchase a block of cheese and the cheese is handled or being cut in the deli section, then the cheese will be contaminated when the worker makes a sandwich or where the worker makes bread with flour. The cheese packages will get cross contamination if they handle it in that way. That is why; you need to purchase cheese which packaged in a manufacturing facility. To tell the difference between cheeses packaged in a manufacturing facility or not, you can ask the store.

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