Is Cheesecake Gluten Free?

Cheesecake might be one of the most delicious things that you would crave for when you are planing your diet. However, if the reason for your diet is celiac disease, you should be very careful when putting anything on the list. Because the list you made should not contain anything that has gluten inside. That is why before putting it in you should first know, is cheesecake gluten-free or not. Especially when there are many ways that you could do to make the cheesecake you should know which one that you could eat and which one that you should never eat.

Is Cheesecake Gluten Free? Does Cheesecake Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Cheesecake Gluten Free?

Information About Cheesecake

Most cheesecake is made mainly using cheese; it could either bake or not. When you see this ingredient that does not contain any grain of wheat that produce gluten, then you could say that the cheesecake is gluten free. Unfortunately, the ingredient does not stop there because usually, they made the cheesecake using a crush or base that is made from cookies, crackers, or cake. This is where the problem comes up because even if the cheesecake is gluten-free, but when they put it on top of the base that is not gluten-free, then it would not be gluten-free anymore. The cookies, crackers or cake are usually made from wheat flour which most definitely contains gluten.

Making Gluten-Free Cheesecake

The best way that you could do is to make your own cheesecake so you would know for sure that it would be gluten-free. Moreover, when you make it yourself, you would be able to choose a base that is made from the gluten-free ingredient. In the gluten free store that you often shop at, you could easily find cookies and crackers that are made using gluten-free ingredient so you could use it as the base of your gluten-free cheesecake. That way the cheesecake would still have a crunchy base but also free from any gluten.

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But when you plan to make bake version of cheesecake, then you should be careful when using the baking tool and baking sheet. If you use the baking tool and baking sheet that has been used to bake other things that contain gluten, you will make your cheesecake not gluten-free anymore because it has been contaminated with a trace of gluten from the tools. Which is why when you want to make gluten-free food, it would be better when you make it with separate tools.

When you have finished the cheesecake and wanted to store it in your refrigerator, then you should also be very careful and not to put it near other food that may contain gluten inside. Even when you put it on the different rack the change for your cheesecake to be contaminated is still possible. That is why when you want to store your gluten-free food and ingredient, it would be better when you prepare a separated refrigerator to store it. That way you would be sure that the cheesecake that you have just made would stay gluten-free.

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