Is Chocolate Gluten Free?

Everyone loves chocolate because of its sweetness and its bitterness. However, if you suffer from a celiac disease, you need to know whether your favorite foods or snacks like chocolate contain gluten. If you eat gluten, then you will get health problems such as anemia, vomit, diarrhea, and fatigue. Therefore, you need to know is chocolate gluten-free? Is safe for gluten intolerance people to eat snacks or foods that contain chocolate?

Important Information about Chocolate

If we talk about chocolate, then it comes in variation such as dark chocolate variation, milk chocolate variation, and white chocolate variation. The companies which sell chocolate often mix them with other ingredients. But the important question you need to answer is whether pure chocolate contains gluten? Pure chocolate does not taste sweet because they are made from cacao beans, and do not mix with other ingredients. So we can say that it is gluten-free and safe for your gluten-free diet. Unfortunately, not all people like pure chocolate because of its bitterness and of course it does not taste so good. They prefer sweet chocolate with extra ingredients.

Is Chocolate Gluten Free? Does Chocolate Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Chocolate Gluten Free?

Chocolate which made from milk and with a combination of some cocoa butter, sugar, and other ingredients then you should be careful since this chocolate will become subject to gluten. Even though we do not doubt about its taste but for celiac disease people, you need to be careful to eat chocolate.

Cross Contamination of Chocolate

You cannot be sure that the pure chocolate you eat is gluten-free. If the equipment to process cocoa bean also used to process wheat, then it will be subject to cross-contamination. Moreover, not only when the chocolate is processed but also when the cacao bean is harvested together with wheat then they will also be contaminated with gluten. The bad news is the possibility of it will increase the chances of chocolate to be contaminated.

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There is some chocolate candy contains gluten ingredients. For example in the form of wheat which usually used to make chocolate cookies or in the form of barley malt which usually used to make candy to add a sweet taste. Of course, there are chocolate candies that gluten-free, but still, they can be a subject of cross-contamination if they processed in the same facility to make foods or snacks that contain gluten ingredients. That is why many people often assume that chocolate is not gluten-free.

Good information for Celiac Disease People who like Chocolate

Do not become despair since there still gluten-free chocolate which you can enjoy. You can purchase candy in the box such as See’s Candies but with some exception. Even if See’s Candies offers a gluten-free product for their chocolate, but you should be careful with the holiday items since usually they iced with gluten ingredients for the holiday theme decoration. Moreover, you still also need to check on their official website about which products are gluten-free and which products contain gluten. Besides chocolate candies, you can also find some chocolate bars which gluten-free.

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