Is Coffee Gluten Free?

Drinking coffee in the morning can make you more relaxed to start a new day and go to your work; it is also good to remove the drowsiness. However, if you in gluten-free diet program then it is really safe to consume coffee? Is coffee gluten free?

Is Coffee Gluten Free? Does Coffee Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Coffee Gluten Free?

For celiac disease people to consume drinks that contain gluten are prohibited. If they insist, then the body will react badly because of the gluten, and it can cause unhealthy problems. How about coffee? We cannot find an exact answer. Plain coffee may gluten-free to the low level of gluten. But there are several cases that celiac disease people reported when they drink coffee they get gastrointestinal symptoms. This case maybe happens because coffee contains caffeine which hard for your digestive system and not because they have gluten protein. Some people who just diagnosed if they get the celiac disease may react badly to caffeine since your digestive system still in some irritation. Therefore, plain coffee without any extra ingredients is gluten-free while flavored coffee may contain gluten.

Coffee which You can Consume if You Have Celiac Disease Problem

Plain coffee is safe to consume for celiac disease people. Coffee is made from coffee beans and beans are not grains which become one of the main sources of gluten protein. The exception is when the coffee added with extra ingredients to add flavor or maybe come into contact with gluten foods.

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Freshly brewed coffee is safe to consume in the morning for gluten intolerance people. If you like specific coffee such as mocha, then it is also safe to drink. Mocha contains coffee and Coffee from cocoa. Therefore they are not derived from grains. You can also add extra ingredients as sweeteners like sugar and maple.

When you are going out to get your favorite coffee make sure that you ask the barista what the ingredients they use to make the coffee you ordered. You need to be careful since there is a lot of flavored coffee contains gluten ingredients. For example, malt flavored coffee which derived from barley will contain gluten, and it is not good for your body. Moreover, you need to pay attention with the creamer on coffee. If you like add some creamer; it is better to choose plain milk or plain cream. Some cream or milk may add with barley or wheat malt, and they will contaminate with gluten. The same case also happens with instant coffee when the coffee processed with wheat just because the produces need to add bulk to it.

Maybe you find it difficult to differentiate foods with gluten and foods which do not contain gluten. What you need to do is be familiar when those foods and always check the label or the packages when you want to purchase foods, instant drinks, or any ingredients. Never be ashamed if you need to ask the chef or even the barista since you are not alone. Just prepare yourself for your gluten-free diet program and always try to be creative with the foods you cook.

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