Is Cool Whip Gluten Free?

Adding more flavor to your dessert could make it even tastier especially when you add Cool Whip on the top of your dessert. However as a person who has celiac disease, then you need to be very careful in adding any topping to your dessert to make sure that any of your toppings does not contain gluten at all. But then is Cool Whip gluten free or not need to investigate further, because you want to add it to your dessert then you should only use food that does not contain gluten at all.

Is Cool Whip Gluten Free? Does Cool Whip Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Cool Whip Gluten Free?

Information about Cool Whip from Kraft

Although Kraft named it as Cool Whip, but it is actually just a whipped cream that is made from corn syrup, water, skimmed milk and cream as the main ingredient. When we see that ingredient one by one, then we could say that it is gluten free because there is no ingredient that contains gluten inside it. But then what about cross contamination during the making process of Cool Whip? You should not have to worry since Kraft has personally stated that if there are some possibilities of cross contamination for gluten in the making process of Cool Whip, then they would call it out on the package. That is why even when Cool Whip is gluten-free; you should always check the packaging to make sure that there is no cross contamination statement from the manufacturer on that specific product.

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The danger of cross-contamination on Cool Whip

Although the Cool Whip does not have any danger in the making process inside the factory, but the danger of cross-contamination would be available in your kitchen. Especially if you do not get a dedicated kitchen, which means you would also cook food that contains gluten inside the same kitchen. When that thing happened, the food could accidentally contaminate the Cool Whip thus makes it not gluten-free anymore. Moreover, when you already use a tube of Cool Whip on food with gluten, it would be better for you to not use the same tube on food without gluten because there is still a small possibility of the gluten would transfer to your gluten-free food. This is why it would be better when you have a dedicated kitchen so you would not cook food that contains gluten in the same kitchen with food that does not contain gluten.

Another possibility of cross-contamination could happen when you store the Cool Whip in the same storage as other food that contains gluten. The reason is that the food that contains gluten might fly to your Cool Whip container thus will contaminate it when you open the tube afterward. This is why you should never store the Cool Whip in the same storage with other food that might contain gluten. Even though the package of the food already sealed up, but you need to be still cautious especially when the food is easy to fly and transfer such as wheat flour which has light weight.

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