Is Corn Gluten Free?

Someone who has a problem with gluten because of their celiac disease, they surely want to avoid gluten. However you surely wonder is corn gluten free, especially after you heard that there is gluten inside the corn. You should know that even though corn is also considered as grain plant, but this plant has a different branch from the wheat plant that also contains gluten that dangerous for you. That is why the gluten inside the corn is also different from other gluten you could not it. This is why we could say that corn is gluten-free especially in the form of gluten that could make you sick.

Is Corn Gluten Free? Does Corn Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Corn Gluten Free?

Eating Corn Dish For Celiac Disease

When the corn is safe to consume, then you could easily consume any dish which made from corn. However, you should only choose a dish which made from the purest corn because there would be a time when the corn could contain dangerous gluten through contamination. For example, the corn could be stored in the same containers with other food that contain gluten, the corn could also be processed in the same appliance that used to process other food with gluten, or the corn dish is put side by side with other food that contains gluten. Through those process the corn could get cross contamination, thus makes it not gluten-free.

When you want to purchase frozen corn, cornmeal, or creamy corn you should see their ingredient on the package. Usually, those products are made from cornstarch with some sugar for added flavor. When seeing those ingredients, you surely think that the product would be gluten free. However, that might not be true since the product could be contaminated by gluten during the making process. Within the factory, they might process other food with the same machine, which is why there might be something that could contaminate the corn.

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For you who like to eat corn muffins which said to be made from corn, you still need to be very careful when purchasing it because it actually contains a lot of wheat compared to the corn ingredient. This is why it would be very dangerous for your body, so you need to ask for the maker if they really do not use wheat flour at all. For popcorn, you should try to purchase original popcorn without any added flavor. However, you also need to make sure that they do not process it with dangerous oil or butter that contains gluten. Cornflakes could also be dangerous for you since they have malt sweetener which made from wheat so it would be dangerous.

Brand with Gluten Free Corn

To make it easier, you might want to purchase the product from Bob’s Red Mill brand which makes several gluten-free products version. This manufacturer separates their gluten-free product production process from other product so it would not be contaminated with anything. This is why they would be able to pass the 20 parts per million standards and get to attached gluten-free label on their package.

However, for you who highly sensitive to gluten, you might want to search other product with the tighter standard of 10 parts per million which means the product contains less gluten thus makes it safer for you. That is why whenever you purchase any brand, first you should search for the gluten-free label on the package or you could also try to see the ingredient on the package to see any dangerous ingredient. Even after the label is found, you would also need to see or ask on their website to see the standard that they use for the product.

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