Is Cornmeal Gluten Free?

There are many kinds of ingredient that you could use to make food in your kitchen. However, you must realize if there is any gluten ingredient that might be available in your kitchen. Especially when you are intolerant to gluten so you must avoid it at all cost in order to stay healthy. One common food that you always use inside your kitchen is cornmeal, however, do you know is cornmeal gluten-free or not? It is important to know more information about cornmeal so you could make sure that it is really safe to eat or not.

Is Cornmeal Gluten Free? Does Cornmeal Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Cornmeal Gluten Free?

Information about cornmeal

Some of you might already know that the cornmeal is made from corn which is a grind to make the meal. When you already know this ingredient fact, then you would know if the cornmeal is indeed gluten-free because the corn used to make it also gluten-free. However, that does not mean you could eat all food that contains cornmeal or use all cornmeal to make food. That is because there are some possibilities if the cornmeal you want to use is contaminated with other food that contains gluten.

The possibility of contamination inside the cornmeal

Even when the corn is grown to be used as cornmeal is grown in the separated field than other grain that might contain gluten, but they might also use the same tool in the harvesting process of the corn. This would be the first trace of the possibility of gluten contamination. Then for the second trace also would be available in the milling place because they might also use the same milling place as they use to mill other food that contains gluten. Next, they might also store the finished corn inside the same warehouse that they use to store other food that contains gluten.

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For cornmeal, the contamination does not stop there because the corn would need to be grinded to make the meal. This is another place where there is a possibility of cross-contamination because they might use the same machine that they use to grind other food that contains gluten. With all of that possibility of getting gluten inside your cornmeal, then you should be more cautious on the cornmeal that you want to use for your family.

Making sure that the cornmeal you use is gluten free

It is becoming very important for you to make sure that the cornmeal you use does not contain any gluten trace. This is why you should search for a brand that specifies their product in the gluten-free product so there would not be anything could make you sick inside the product. Search for a gluten-free label on the package of the product so it would make sure that the product you want to buy has been tested for gluten-free. Or when you could not find any label, you might want to ask the manufacturer directly through their customer service to make sure that their product really gluten free or not. And ask whether there is some possibility of cross-contamination inside their factory.

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