Is Cottage Cheese  Gluten Free?

If you already on a gluten-free diet you must struggle to find what a good food that contains no gluten. Celiac disease people who sensitive to gluten need to do so since there is no cure for their disease. They need to avoid consuming foods which made from grains such as rye, wheat, and barley. Those three main grains are the main sources of gluten protein.

If you like cottage cheese and you suffer from celiac disease, then you need to know whether this food contains gluten or not. Is cottage cheese gluten-free? Foods which contain gluten typically made or derived from gluten grains ingredients that we already mentioned above and fortunately cottage cheese does not make from wheat, rye, or even barley. Therefore, you can assume that cottage cheese is gluten-free. It is safe for celiac disease people or gluten sensitivity.

Is Cottage Cheese  Gluten Free? Does Cottage Cheese Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Cottage Cheese  Gluten Free?

Cottage cheese is made from three ingredients such as milk, salt, and vinegar or lemon juice. Milk is the source of cheese while salt used to add a delicious taste. Last but not least is vinegar or lemon juice which used to curdle the milk. They are gluten-free and so does the vinegar if you use gluten-free vinegar. Even though most of the cottage cheese in the market are gluten-free or made from gluten-free ingredients, sometimes it also added with other extra ingredients which unpronounceable. That is why you still need to check whether the extra ingredients contain gluten or not.

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Cottage Cheese can also become subject to cross-contamination. You need to watch out when this case happened. The cross contamination may happen during storing and packaging process. We do not know for sure, but you need to be careful if something like this may happen. The good news is we will give you some list of gluten-free cottage cheese products that safe to be consumed for celiac disease people or gluten sensitivity. Moreover, we also give some example of the brand that considered containing gluten protein.

List of Cottage Cheese Brands

Here several cottage cheese brands which you want to know whether gluten-free or not:

  1. Cabot Creamery: This brand considered to be gluten free to 20 ppm or even less than that. They also make other cheese products that contain no gluten except spreadable cheddar cheese. Moreover, they also have low fat cottage cheese which good for your diet.
  2. Darigold brand: This product also considered gluten free, and they do not produce any products that contain gluten which is good since you may be afraid of cross-contamination in a shared facility. They have low fat cottage cheese, full fat cottage cheese, and even flavored version of cottage cheese.
  3. Organic Valley: Watch out for this one brand because it is not gluten free because they use barley in their two cottage cheese products. They also did not want to be labeled as gluten-free product.

What the best is you try your own cottage cheese, it must be good and safer if you can cook your own cottage cheese.

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