Is Cream Cheese Gluten Free?

Some of you might love cheese so much you eat it every day with many kinds of variation and form which includes cream cheese form. This salty but sweet taste of cream cheese is very delicious so that you could use it as a dip for your chips, spread over the salad, and many others. However when you have celiac disease so you could not eat anything that contains gluten then you must know is cream cheese gluten free or not because you could not eat it when it contain even a little bit of gluten since it could make you sick.

Is Cream Cheese Gluten Free? Does Cream Cheese Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Cream Cheese Gluten Free?

Information About Cream Cheese That Contains Gluten Or Not

If you want to know whether the cream cheese that you eat contains gluten or not, then you should know more information about it. The cream cheese is made of course from the main ingredient of milk and stabilizer which used to keep the milk in the cream form. When we see this ingredient, then you could say that cream cheese is gluten-free for most of it. However, it does not mean you should not be careful about it.

First, you should see which cheese that used to create the cream cheese; usually most manufacturer will only use ordinary cheese so you should be fine when you consume it. However, if you find a cream cheese that is made from bleu cheese, then it would not be gluten-free anymore because they use wheat in the ingredient of the cheese. Another variation of cheese that you should watch out is the beer washed cheese because this cheese contains beer that is not gluten-free.

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How To Make Sure That Cream Cheese Is Gluten Free Or Not

Now let us see further so you could make sure that the cream cheese you eat is really gluten-free. First, of course, you should see the ingredient that we mention above. However, the most important thing that you should search is the gluten-free label which will show that the product is really gluten free since that is already able to pass the gluten-free standard.

However, you should also be very careful when you purchase the cream cheese which is repackaged on the store. Even though it is not common but some store might purchase their cream cheese in bulk so they could get a cheaper price for it. Then when they already arrived at the store, it would be repackaged into a small package to sell in retail. When that happened, there would be a possibility that they could not repackage it safely so there would be gluten contamination inside it. That is why the best way that you could purchase your cream cheese is to purchase one that has been packaged by the manufacturer so there would not be any contamination. However, there are still contamination possibilities on the manufacturer side so you should find out whether this manufacturer also produce any other product that contains gluten to avoid any other contaminants

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