Is Dextrose Gluten Free?

It is not weird if celiac disease people often need to check label and ingredients on their product packages in the market. They do it because they do not want to buy wrong products which have gluten protein in it. Unfortunately, often people will get confused if they read unfamiliar ingredient on those packages. When they do, then they will be afraid to purchase the products because of they are afraid that the unfamiliar ingredients derived or made from gluten grains like wheat.

Is Dextrose Gluten Free? Does Dextrose Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Dextrose Gluten Free?

Rye, wheat, and barley are the three main grains that become the source of gluten protein which the celiac disease people afraid to have in their foods. Since there is no cure for celiac disease or gluten sensitivity people who suffer from it need to do gluten-free diet program by avoiding any foods or products which made those grains. There is a lot of products and foods labeled with gluten free, but still, every post about celiac and gluten often suggest us to check the ingredients list.

One of the unfamiliar ingredients which you may ever hear is dextrose. What is dextrose? Is dextrose gluten free? First of all, dextrose is sugar, and it is often used for syrup ingredients and baked foods. Dextrose may contain gluten and may not contain gluten as well. Why said so? Because dextrose can be derived from gluten-free ingredients such as corn, but it also made from wheat, and we know that wheat is included in three main grains of gluten sources that we already mentioned above.

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Information about Gluten and Dextrose

There is some opinion or statement that even though dextrose is derived from wheat, it can be gluten free enough that celiac disease people can still consume a product with dextrose in it. Why? Because dextrose processed with high hydrolyzation which can remove the gluten protein in wheat and the final product will be gluten-free. It means that celiac disease people can still enjoy food or syrup with dextrose in it.

You can see that this statement may true, but you still need to watch out for dextrose ingredient because not all dextrose will be produced with processed that can remove gluten. If you find this case, do not worry because most of the products which not processed dextrose to the point the gluten is removed will disclose information about wheat in it. Therefore, you do not need to buy the products. Moreover, if the company processed this ingredient until gluten removed then surely they will disclose the information too, and it will perfect if they also give a gluten-free label.

Dextrose which processed with high hydrolyzation may be safe for celiac disease. But, sometimes people who have a high gluten sensitivity may want to avoid it because you cannot be sure whether the gluten is removed one hundred percent. It may leave some trace, and even though it is just a bit, high gluten sensitivity people still will react. Therefore, you may want to purchase products with dextrose that made from corn, rice, potato, and tapioca. Because all of these ingredients appear to be gluten-free.

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