Is Farro Gluten Free?

For someone who has celiac disease, it is important to choose your food carefully. That way you could avoid any gluten that might be available in your food. Gluten is a form of nutritious protein which available through certain grain such as wheat. That is why more and more people are looking for another form of grain including one in their ancient form such as farro, but then again is farro gluten free?

Is Farro Gluten Free? Does Farro Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Farro Gluten Free?

Information About Farro For Your Health

You should know farro is actually types of ancient wheat with many kinds of grains of this type such as emmer and the most famous einkorn which comes in various sizes. They mostly grew in Europe in places such as Italy, Tuscany, Germany, Switzerland or Abruzzo so they would need to be imported to reach another place. Since this plant is actually from the same family as wheat, of course, their grain would also contain gluten as in wheat grains. This is why it would be very dangerous when you try to consume it.

Sadly more and more stores are adding farro to the Deli section which they sell in their stores because this type of grain has increased in popularity. However, they usually do not put the wheat tag in their name and only put farro as their given name although the two are really the same. This is why it would be dangerous for you who do not really know what farro is. So they could ignore the farro tag when they purchase any food because this type of wheat is actually commonly used in many dishes such as salad, burger, and soup. They do not even put a warning that says the food contains wheat as they should be.

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That is the reason why you should be very careful when you purchase any food in the Deli section. You need to pay attention to the assignment of this farro with other food. When they are placed in a place that near to other food which does not contain gluten there would be a high possibility that the farro could contaminate other food so it would contain gluten from the farro. This is why when you want to take anything from the rack of your Deli section, you need to pay attention what is stored in the same rack.

When someone who does not have enough information about farro eats it, then it would be very dangerous for their health. Especially when the farro grains looked exactly like brown rice grains so you might be able to mix those two together and eat the wrong ingredient. That is why you need to be careful when selecting any food to see whether they contain some ingredient that you do not know. When there is even one ingredient which you do not know, it would be safer for you not to consume the food at all.

Is Farro Really Safe For Gluten Tolerant People?

You might hear from some of your friends that the wheat in their ancients form is different than modern form. Thus the gluten inside the grains would also be different. This is why some of you might not feel any symptom when consuming it. However that all is not true, the researcher has said that gluten inside farro has the same danger with other gluten in wheat. That is why it would not be safe for you. However, they still do not test the gluten on someone that intolerant to gluten so they could not say for sure. But for the best of all, it would be better when you do not even dare to try it.

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