Is Flaxseed Gluten Free?

The main rule of celiac disease is you need to avoid gluten. What is gluten? Gluten is a protein that found in several grains such as rye, wheat, and barley. These are three main grains that become the sources of gluten protein. When you suffer from gluten, you need to avoid those three grains and any foods that contain gluten ingredients.

Since there is no cure for celiac disease, people who suffer from it need to maintain gluten-free diet program. They need to list gluten-free menu that safe to be eaten. One of the gluten-free menu that maybe you want to add to your list is flaxseed. What is flaxseed? Is flaxseed gluten free?

Is Flaxseed Gluten Free? Does Flaxseed Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Flaxseed Gluten Free?

Flaxseed Detail Information which You Need to Know

Flaxseed is good and it also delicious. It has brown color with small appearances, oval and flat shape. Moreover, it also has pointed shape in the tip and larger compared with sesame seeds plus a bit chewy when you eat it. Usually, people like to add flaxseed to other dishes since it may bit strange to eat it alone. Dishes such as salad and baked foods are great with extra flaxseed on it. You can sprinkle the seeds directly on the dishes to make a great presentation on your foods. Moreover, it also contains good nutrition for your body. Anyway, you can find not only plain or pure flaxseed in stores but also other flaxseed products such as oil which derived from flaxseed.

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Good news for everybody especially for those who suffer a celiac disease that flaxseed is gluten-free. You can enjoy your baked bread with flaxseed sprinkle safely. Usually, flaxseed used not only in gluten-free foods but also added to gluten foods. That is why; never assume that if the baked brains get some flaxseed, it means the bread are gluten-free because gluten baked foods also sometimes added with flaxseed. Always check the product packages if you want to make sure that the breads are free from gluten!

Flaxseed which Good for Your Gluten-Free Diet

Of course, that flaxseed is good for gluten-free diet since it has no gluten. But, it also has more benefits for your diet program. For example, it contains high fiber and omega three that great for your body. You can apply flaxseed in any of your recipes without any limitation, and you may want to use roasted flaxseed which easily to is found in the market.

Flaxseed is good for your menu lists such as for dinner, breakfast, and lunch. For breakfast, you can add the seeds for your cereal to add extra taste or for your delicious pancake. You can also enjoy salad dish with extra oil derived from flaxseed. We suggest that you need to use roasted seeds which easy to be chewed than plain flaxseeds. Even though roasted flax seed has lower fiber levels that raw or plain flaxseed. The fiber level in roasted flaxseeds is only 1.9 grams while for raw or plain flaxseeds are much higher than that.

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