Is Frozen Yogurt Gluten Free?

When you are looking for a snack to eat while doing gluten-free diet, then the frozen yogurt would be one of the nicest choices you could get. Is frozen yogurt gluten free? The answer is yes pure frozen yogurt would be gluten free because it is mostly made from yogurt and milk, as for their flavor it would be mostly gluten free because they usually made it using fresh fruit flavoring. However, you still need to be cautious with your gluten-free frozen yogurt because you might get it contaminated with anything that comes intact with them.

Is Frozen Yogurt Gluten Free? Does Frozen Yogurt Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Frozen Yogurt Gluten Free?

Cross-contamination of Frozen Yogurt

There are many things that could cause cross contamination on frozen yogurt that you should be aware of. The first thing that you should be cautious is the topping, while you could still use fresh fruit topping, however, most topping that you find on the shop would contain gluten such as cookie topping and some candies would also contain gluten. Moreover when the store put the toppings side by side in the relatively near distance, then the contamination would also happen to the toppings. Meaning the fresh fruit topping that considers as gluten-free would not be gluten-free anymore since it would also be sprinkled with

Moreover, you should also see whether the scoop used to take the topping is separated by each topping. Because some shop may use one scoop to take all kinds of topping, when the scoop that has been used to take out cookie topping then used to take fresh fruit topping, then your fresh fruit topping would not be gluten-free anymore. To cope with this problem, it would be better when you bring your own topping from home that is made purely from the gluten-free ingredient.

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Another source of cross-contamination comes from the machine that used to make the frozen yogurt itself. Some shop might use one machine to make frozen yogurt that contains gluten in its flavoring; then they will use it to make frozen yogurt that does not contains gluten in its flavoring. When that thing happens, the frozen yogurt that used to be gluten-free would be contaminated with the first flavor so it would not be gluten-free anymore. Even when they have washed and clean the machine, they would not be able to thoroughly clean all trace of gluten so you should be very careful with this.

To cope with this problem, you could try to get the flavor that always made by the shop in the same machine because that way they would only use the machine only to make that specific flavor so there would not be any gluten trace inside the machine. Moreover, you should also choose machine that does not share with a flavor that contains gluten. Because when they share the same machine, the possibility of the other flavor to dripped into your gluten-free flavor would be larger. Even when the cross contamination would only happened to the cup, it would still be considered as something risky.

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