Is Greek Yogurt Gluten Free?

Celiac disease people or gluten intolerance can add plain yogurt to their gluten-free diet menu list since yogurt is gluten-free. How about Greek yogurt? Is Greek yogurt gluten free? Just like any type of plain yogurt, Greek yogurt is also gluten-free. Yogurt is made from milk and through fermentation process it becomes thickens with some tangy taste but delicious. Since yogurt do not made from grains such as wheat, rye, and barley then you can say that yogurt as well as Greek yogurt is considered to be safe for celiac disease people or gluten sensitivity.

Is Greek Yogurt Gluten Free? Does Greek Yogurt Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Greek Yogurt Gluten Free?

But there also some yogurt added with extra gluten ingredients which you need to avoid. Usually, the company likes to add extra additives to create more delicious taste and flavors. This extra additive can derive from the grains which become the source of gluten protein. Therefore, you need to read and check the label plus the ingredient list whether the yogurt and Greek yogurt added with these kinds of gluten ingredients. So, your best option is chosen only plain, and pure Greek Yogurt made from whole milk.

First Option: Pure and Plain Whole Milk Greek Yogurt

Pure and plain whole milk Greed yogurt certainly is gluten free because it made from little ingredients. The main ingredient is whole milk, but sometimes it will be listed in the different longer name like cultured whole milk. This whole milk will change into yogurt and change again into Greek yogurt after the whey removed. This Greek yogurt which only contains cultured whole milk is gluten-free, but you still need to be careful since if the company processed it with the shared facility with another gluten yogurt, then you should avoid it. Call the company customer service to ask whether the Greek yogurt product is made in the separate facility. If you want to be assured, then you can purchase Greek yogurt labeled with gluten free.

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Second Option: Low-fat Greek Yogurt

There is another type of Greek yogurt called low-fat Greek yogurt. Most of the low-fat Greek yogurt made from whole milk but there also certain low-fat Greek yogurt added with additives to make the product thicker or stabilize it. When the low-fat Greek yogurt added with these kinds of additives then usually it will be labeled with different name namely Greek Style Yogurt.

Greek Style Yogurt may contain extra additives such as whey protein and milk protein concentrate, gelatin, cornstarch, and pectin. Surely you need to check the manufacturer if you want to purchase Greek Style Yogurt because it may have gluten additives.

Third Option: Greek Yogurt with Flavors

Of course, there is also Greek yogurt that gluten-free, but if you check the label, and then you find extra additives ingredients such as thickeners, nuts, granola, flavoring, colors, and much more, then you should be careful since they may derive from gluten grains. Instead, purchase flavoring Greek yogurt in the market why do not you add your own gluten-free flavors in plain Greek yogurt? It becomes safer for gluten intolerance people.

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