Is Ice Cream Gluten Free?

Who does not love this delicious and creamy treat, but on some with celiac disease then they would cautious is ice cream gluten free? You should know that in most cases ice cream is gluten-free; however, you still need to be cautious especially when you are sensitive even to the small amount of gluten inside. This is why when you go to any ice cream parlor or café; you need to ask for their ingredient, the reason is that there are some parlors or café which used flour to thicken their ice cream. That flour obviously contains gluten since it is made from wheat. Usually the flour would only be around 1 or 2 tablespoons, however, still it is one big no to us who has celiac disease. However not all ice cream used the same recipe so you could be still able to find some gluten-free version.

Is Ice Cream Gluten Free? Does Ice Cream Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Ice Cream Gluten Free?

Avoiding Gluten Ice Cream

When you want to eat any ice cream, you surely need to choose the flavor and topping which does not contain any gluten. First, you need to choose flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla which does not contain any gluten. However, you could not choose Oreo topping since it contains wheat flour that makes the biscuit contains gluten.

And you should be cautious since there are ways that make the ice cream be contaminated by other flavors or toppings that contain gluten. First, in the making of the ice cream, they might use the same machine for a different kind of flavor. Another thing you might notice that the employee use the same ice cream scoop to take different kind of ice cream flavor. They also place the toppings next to each other so the crumbs could contaminate other toppings. This will makes the flavor and topping mixed and contaminate other ice cream flavor which should not contain any gluten. This is why when you want to purchase any ice cream, and then you should try to see how they serve it and ask the making procedure that they use.

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A brand that Serves Gluten Free Ice Cream

It is actually safer when you purchase from a brand that says they are gluten-free which means that they have been tested and pass the gluten-free standard. Some of those products are:

  1. Breyer’s Ice Cream: this brand is very popular ice cream brand, and now they have made 36 flavors of their ice cream to be gluten-free. They have tested their product and pass the gluten-free standard.
  2. Dove Ice Cream: this ice cream brand has most gluten-free flavors which you could enjoy. But be sure to avoid their fudge brownies flavor which obviously contains gluten inside.
  3. Dreyer’s Ice Cream: this ice cream brand lists their gluten-free ingredient on their website. That is why you need to search on their website to see the ice cream you want to purchase is gluten-free.
  4. Häagen-Dazs: this ice cream brand stated that their pure ice cream does not contain any gluten since the gluten only available in their topping.

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