Is Jif Peanut Butter Gluten Free?

When we eat some of our snack or even breakfast, we might like to add some peanut butter to make it more delicious. However, when you feel sick after you eat something that contains gluten, and then we could say that you might have celiac disease or you might be intolerant to gluten. That is why you need to be careful in finding the peanut butter you want to eat. One popular brand of peanut butter that you might love to eat is Jif. But then you should know is Jif peanut butter gluten free or not.

Is Jif Peanut Butter Gluten Free? Does Jif Peanut Butter Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Jif Peanut Butter Gluten Free?

Information about Jif Peanut Butter

You should know that the Jif peanut butter is made mainly from peanut that roasted, vegetable oil to make it smoother, and then mixed with sugar and salt as a flavoring. If we see that main ingredient, then we could say that the Jif peanut butter is gluten-free. In fact, when you see on the Jif official website, you will find that The J.M. Smucker Company has stated gluten free for this product. In fact, they also have tested their product so they could put a gluten-free label on the packaging of Jif peanut butter after they have passed the 20 parts per million standards. That is why we could say that in most cases the Jif peanut butter would be safe to eat by you who do not be too sensitive to gluten because if you are too sensitive, then 20 parts per million standards would not be enough for you because the gluten inside would still be too high for you.

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What We Need To Be Cautious From Jif Peanut Butter?

Even when Jif peanut butter is stated to be gluten-free, but you must know that The J.M. Smucker Company used all of their machines together. This means that even the food that contains gluten and Jif peanut butter that does not contain gluten is processed together using the same machine. That is why there would be a cross contamination possibility on their Jif peanut butter so you should be very careful.

To be able to avoid such danger of gluten inside the Jif peanut butter, then you would need always to check to find the gluten-free label on Jif peanut butter packaging. And luckily J.M. Smucker Company has said that they will call out if there is any gluten contamination on the package, meaning when that specific product contains gluten, then they would not put a gluten-free label. That is why finding Jif peanut butter with a gluten-free label on the package is important for you who have gluten sensitivity.

Another thing that you need to remember is when you use Jif peanut butter with food that is not gluten-free, then you should not use it with food with gluten-free food because it means that the peanut butter has possibly been contaminated with gluten. That is why it is important to purchase separate Jif peanut butter that you only use for gluten-free food.

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