Is Maltodextrin Gluten Free?

For some of you that have celiac disease, it might be too difficult to remember all ingredients that you need to pay attention whether it contains gluten or not, especially when the ingredient has a difficult name such as maltodextrin. You might not even know what it is really about, then surely you would not know is maltodextrin gluten free or not. Actually, maltodextrin is a common ingredient that used in many kinds of food as the sweetening agent. No, it is not malt so you should not get mixed with it even though it has a similar name.

Is Maltodextrin Gluten Free? Does Maltodextrin Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Maltodextrin Gluten Free?

What Is Maltodextrin And Whether It Contains Gluten Or Not?

Maltodextrin is actually made from starch to take the sweet enzyme inside the starch. There is not specific starch where it could be made because they could be taken from any kinds of starch available, and each country might use different kind of starch depends on the availability of the starch itself. And this is the problem on this maltodextrin because when the starch that used to make this ingredient is actually gluten-free, then we could say that the maltodextrin made is gluten free. However when it comes from starch that is not gluten free, then the maltodextrin produced is not gluten-free anymore.

There are actually many kinds of starch used to make the maltodextrin, for example in European country the starch used to make this ingredient comes from wheat starch because wheat is largely produced there, so there are plenty of wheat available for the production of maltodextrin. However in American Country, the starch used to made maltodextrin comes from cornstarch, and because corn is a gluten-free ingredient, then we could say that the maltodextrin produced would also be gluten-free.

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How To Find Maltodextrin That Is Gluten Free

Since we know that maltodextrin could be made from many kinds of starch, then we could also say that you should be very careful when purchasing anything that contains maltodextrin inside the ingredient. The most important thing is to search for the gluten-free label since with it you could be sure that the maltodextrin is produced using gluten-free starch. However, you should be very careful when purchasing a product that is imported directly from Europe since they usually used wheat starch to make the maltodextrin. That is why the again looking gluten-free label is very important when you want to purchase anything, but you should not worry too much since usually, they would show wheat starch as the ingredient of the maltodextrin on the package of the product.

As people with celiac disease, it is very important for you to research anything that contains inside the food you want to eat, especially when the food is made on the factory if we do not know what is inside the ingredient then if we could get bigger possibility of eating anything that contains gluten inside. Even when the ingredient words used are not familiar such as maltodextrin, then you should search more information about it.

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