Is Mustard Gluten Free?

Celiac disease people often struggle to find some foods which can freely to consume since they need to avoid gluten. Having gluten-free diet and few foods option you can have the mustard to make your dish tastier. Is mustard gluten free? Yes, certainly that pure mustard is gluten-free. That is why you can have it in your meals and especially in your gluten-free diet. But you still need to be careful since it may become a subject of cross contamination.

Is Mustard Gluten Free? Does Mustard Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Mustard Gluten Free?

When putting mustard in your hotdog, you need to pay attention whether the pure mustard you use is free from gluten. There are a lot of option for mustard such as honey mustard, yellow mustard, and Dijon mustard. All these kind of mustard is safe to eat in your gluten-free salad.

Cross-Contamination in Mustard

Like we mention above, mustard is gluten-free, and so you can consume it for your gluten-free diet. But mustard can be a subject of cross contamination which often happens in the shared kitchen. If your family does not have the same gluten-free diet program just like you, then they may not care whether the mustard will get some gluten cross-contamination. For example, if they use a knife to dip into a mustard container and then spread or use it for gluten meal, next dip the knife again to get more mustard, of course, the mustard will be contaminated with gluten. Therefore, you need to separate the mustard in a different container and label it with gluten-free.

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Vinegar and Mustard

If the vinegar derived from grains like wheat then it is not free from gluten and unfortunately some mustard use vinegar as their ingredients. If that’s what happens, then you need to avoid it. To make sure whether your purchased mustard is gluten-free, read the label first. In the USA there are several mustard brands which safe to be eaten by celiac disease people. Even though there are some which have a small level of gluten-free. If you do not have a high-level sensitivity of gluten, then it is okay to eat mustard with gluten level below twenty part per million, but if you have a higher sensitivity of gluten, you may not eat mustard.

There are several mustard brands which you can choose for gluten-free diet program:

  1. Mustard from French brand: They make a mustard product with gluten level below 20 part per million. But the company which makes this brand also state that certain people who do some diet need to read the label before consuming it since the mustard may occasionally be modified.
  2. Mustard from Heinz brand: Mustard from Heinz is considered to be gluten free below 20 part per million. Only in USA and United Kingdom. But in Canada, the only gluten-free mustard from Heinz is yellow mustard.
  3. Mustard from Organicville brand: Organicville made Dijon mustard and yellow mustard which free from gluten. Moreover, the company also has gluten-free certification from Gluten-Free Certification Organization.

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