Is Oat Bran Gluten Free?

If you suffer from celiac disease, then you must know that you need to avoid grains like rye, wheat, and barley. These three grains are the main source of gluten protein. Celiac disease people are gluten sensitivity, and therefore they need to avoid consuming foods and products which made or derived from these three grains.

Is Oat Bran Gluten Free? Does Oat Bran Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Oat Bran Gluten Free?

How about oat? Is oat gluten free? And how about the oat bran in the market, is oat bran gluten free also? All these questions maybe pop out from your head since celiac often struggle to find gluten-free meals for their gluten-free diet menu.

Oat is not included in the three main grains that become the source of gluten protein which we already mentioned earlier. This mean oat is safe for celiac disease people because it is gluten-free. Since oat itself gluten free then you can also assume that oat bran which derived from oat is contained no gluten. What is oat bran? Oat bran comes from the outer husk of oat. It is very good not only for a gluten-free diet but also a regular diet that needs high fiber. People often use oat bran as a solution for gluten bran which they found in the market.

Oat Bran Cross Contamination Issue

Oat bran may be gluten free, but it can be subject to cross-contamination. The cross contamination can happen during processing, storing or packaging, and even growing. The first case is when the oat is growing. It is not surprising that the farm will plant the oat next to grains like wheat and you can often find this issue. If the oat grows side by side with the gluten grains, of course, it will contaminate with gluten.

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The second case is cross-contamination during processing. This may happen when the miller used to process the oats also used to process gluten grains. If this happens then of course, the oats will be contaminate by gluten. Last but not least is the storing processing which also can make the oats contaminate by gluten. If the company that package the oats bran used shared facility with gluten grains then the oats will contaminate by gluten. So, what will you are going to do? Is the only way is to avoid oat bran?

The good news is you can find several gluten-free oat bran products in the market. They can guarantee you that the oat bran they made is gluten free since they do not use the shared facility or shared miller and of course they will handle all of the cross contamination cases. One example of gluten-free oat bran product is Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran. This brand is very popular among celiac disease people and one hundred percent safe for gluten sensitivity. If you want to purchase other brands, then we suggest that you need to always check the label and the ingredient before you purchase. Moreover, make sure that the products labeled with gluten free at least 20 ppm plus they are not processed in the same facility with gluten grains.

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