Is Oat Flour Gluten Free?

People who suffer from celiac disease always find it difficult to find products, dishes, meals, or ingredients that gluten-free. Just like flour for example which becomes the main ingredient in any meals or baked foods. There are lots of flour types available, and one of them is oat flour. If you suffer from celiac disease, then you should know the detail information about oat flour especially if is oat flour gluten-free or not.

Is Oat Flour Gluten Free? Does Oat Flour Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Oat Flour Gluten Free?

As far as we know, oat is gluten free since it is not included in the three main grains which become the sources of gluten protein. The three main grains that contain gluten are rye, barley, and wheat. Oat is not those grains, and that is why flour made from oat is also gluten-free. Oat flour also becomes alternative for those who have a wheat sensitivity and gluten sensitivity. Usually, they used oat flour instead of wheat flour.

Gluten and Oat Flour Cross Contamination Information

Only pure oat flour which not added with any extra ingredients is gluten-free. If the oat flour has extra ingredients from rye, barley, and wheat, of course, it will be gluten free no more. The only problem which you need to be aware is gluten cross-contamination in oat flour.

Cross-contamination in oat flour may happen because the farm or company who make oat flour used shared facilities. They use shared facilities for oat flour with barley, wheat, and rye. The most shared facilities used for commercial oat flour products are oat flour with wheat flour. That is why you need to be careful when purchase oat flour in the market. Call and ask the company who makes the pat flour to make sure that they use different or separate facilities for their oat and wheat flour. The easy way is to avoid buy oat flour made by a company that also produces wheat flour, but you may find it a bit difficult to do that.

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Not only in shared facilities, but oat can also be the subject of cross-contamination in the field. Usually, people like to grow oat plant side by side or next to wheat. If this happens then the oat will get gluten cross-contamination then people who suffer from high gluten intolerance maybe will be severe bad body reactions. Although, some lower gluten sensitivity level may not get any reaction, but if you serve your gluten friend, it is best if you avoid making meals from oat flour that grew side by side with wheat.

Anyway, do not be afraid with oat flour since there is a lot of oat flour that labeled and guaranteed to be gluten free plus it also less expensive. If you make some recipes with oat flour, then you will find that using oat flour is easier than using potato flour.

As extra information, although you buy oat flour which gluten free when you serve your gluten friends, you still need to ask whether they are also sensitive to oat because sometimes people who sensitive with gluten can also have other sensitivity with some ingredients like oat itself.

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