Is Orzo Gluten Free?

People who have gluten-free diet program always struggle to find what the best food to eat which free from gluten. Why? Because those who suffer from gluten intolerance or sensitivity or more well known as a celiac disease people need to avoid any meals, foods, and ingredients that contain gluten. Gluten originally sources from grains like rye, barley, and wheat. Never try to eat foods or meals that contain those grains and its derived if you do not want to suffer from the bad symptom.

Is Orzo Gluten Free? Does Orzo Have Gluten In It Or Not?

Is Orzo Gluten Free?

How about orzo? Is orzo gluten-free and part of the gluten-free diet? Orzo looks like fine rice, and we know that rice is gluten-free. But, orzo is not rice, and actually, it comes from wheat-based pasta, and surely you know that wheat grain is one of the main sources of gluten protein. So, the answer is orzo is not gluten free and not safe to be consumed by celiac disease people.

Information about Orzo and Gluten

To be honest orzo itself means “barley” in Italian language and you know that barley grain is one of the main sources of gluten protein.  Although we know that most pasta is made from wheat flour and rarely from barley. Put it aside; celiac disease people surely need to avoid anything that made from wheat or barley because of its gluten protein. Therefore, never put orzo in your menu list for a gluten-free diet program.

What makes orzo dangerous for gluten intolerance or celiac disease people is the orzo form that really looks like fine rice. You can make a mistake by assume orzo as rice and order or eat it. Even though you do not suffer from celiac disease or just suffer from non-celiac but gluten sensitivity. Eat orzo will cause a bad reaction since it has a high level of gluten.

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Celiac disease people often mistook orzo as ordinary rice. When they order meals or dishes which contain orzo and rice blended together, they cannot differentiate it because of the same color and form. Moreover, there also a lot of recipes that mix orzo and fine rice together like in some soup or even salad. That is why you need to be careful when ordering your foods at restaurants. To make sure you do not accidentally consume orzo, ask the chef before your order your meals.

Tips for Celiac Disease People to Choose their Own Foods and Ingredients

Some people do not make sure that their ingredients, meals, and foods contain gluten or not. When you are going to market for shopping, you need to pick products certified with gluten-free. There are lots of products which you can be found in market labeled as gluten free, and it is mean they made from gluten-free ingredients plus gluten-free facility. Gluten-free facility means the products do not process in a shared facility with wheat, rye, or barley. If the companies used the shared facility, then you need to be careful because gluten cross-contamination may happen during foods processing.

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